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The Left Keeps Hanging On The Lie, Even When The Truth Is Out!

The Left Keeps Hanging On The Lie, Even When  The Truth Is Out!

We all saw over the weekend the confrontation between a Native American Drummer and a bunch of high school boys. We saw the outrage, then some pulled back when the truth came out, sadly this did not apply to all, in fact, some dug in and not only held to their position with the lie, but even created more lies to try to cover their first reaction.

What in many cases is happening now is the outrage has had to find a way to switch for the left, so now they are saying the kids brought this on themselves for daring to wear a MAGA Hat.

You had others like Amy Siskind call for a boycott of Today because they dared to interview the boy everyone was yelling about and give him a chance to tell his side of the story. The left was ferious, how dare she challenge their lie.

Then we had Torraine Walker, he went into a racist rant, claimed this was all done just to make the kid look good, seems he ignored all the racist comments directed at the children earlier as we saw in the video by the Blacks who claim to be Hebrew Israelites, that is naturally ignored, they are justified to threaten these children. We see again, the lie does not matter, the narrative does.

Wish it stopped here, but we have more, far more, when the kids first released a statement in reply to the accusations, the response was even worse. Here is the release, Tapper, like many pulled back his statements after seeing the whole video.

And what was the responses to this? More lies, claims of lying, and then attacks.

Here Petty Panthers fan accuses the kids of wrongdoing, how dare they sit in such a space, say nothing and wait for a bus. The whole premise is on a lie, but that does not matter.

The kids were doing nothing, to be honest, I don’t think they knew how to act, yet you have people that are threatening to kill them, their school had to be shut down due to threats, they couldn’t even allow the parents or teachers to show up at school due to the volume of death threats issued.

We also learned that people all over the nation are now calling people in the area with the same last names as these kids, issuing death threats to them as well. This is not a sign of a healthy country, this is a nation with a fringe group that thinks they have a right to dish out this type of violence.

You also have this tweet from a writer for SNL, there is nothing like offering sexual favors to have someone punch a minor in the face. We all know, if a conservative ever did this, the outrage would force the person that offered this into hiding.

What worries me is this seems to be escalating, we have the news in the last week now issue retractions for two fake stories, the people on the left are becoming more and more violent, now it is acceptable for them to do this to our children, where does this stop?

We need to figure out a way to stop this, if this continues it will most likely do more harm to this nation then what the Russians, Chinese and our other enemies could ever do, it could lead up to a civil war.

So do we give in to the left? Let them rule us as they demand? I say never, sometimes the best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them, give them a good thrashing, they then know that bullying you will come with consequences, sadly this seems to be the direction we are headed towards now, I am beginning to lose faith there is any way out of this.

I pray for this nation that we can find a peaceful solution or a way out of this, but I am starting to think that I would be equally wise to prepare for a civil war that seems to be rapidly coming our way.

I end this with a good note, turns out the parents are now looking at going after the news sites that did this, and continue to do with a libel suit. These are private citizens, if you maliciously attack them you are going to open yourself up for lawsuits, just hope they include Philips in this, he and his friends are the ones that started all of this.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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