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The Left Losses It When Bernie Tweets About Billionaires Paying Taxes and Elon Musk Burns The Bern

The Left Losses It When Bernie Tweets About Billionaires Paying Taxes and Elon Musk Burns The Bern

It’s a day ending in “y,” so that means Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is out there somewhere bleating about “the rich” and “taxes” and “fair share” and stuff. Saturday was no exception as the octogenarian (or more likely his Gen Z interns) took to Twitter to pontificate to the leftist black hole that is the Twitterverse:

“We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period,” Sanders angrily tweeted while shaking his fists at the sky. Not one to be outdone by the 80-year-old socialist’s staff, the “extremely wealthy” businessman Elon Musk hilariously responded by tweeting, “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.”

We feel you, Elon. We’d all prefer to forget him, but like a bad penny, he keeps coming back. “Want me to sell more stock, Bernie? Just say the word …,” added Musk.

There’s been no answer from the Sanders camp yet, but boy did Musk rile up the self-righteous and hateful left (but I repeat myself). You see, it’s never enough for the leftists. Even though Musk recently sold a combined $6.9 billion worth of shares in his electric car company Telsa plus 1.2 million shares held by his trust, the rabid and envious left is so darn mad that Musk made money (gasp!) on the deals and he didn’t give it away to…them (of course!). Here’s a sampling:

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Notes from the editor

As should be expected, we have progressives doing what they do best. First, they attack everyone who dares have more than they do, then demand a wealth redistribution (another name for stealing) to take from the ones they think should not have and give to people who have not done something to earn money.

We hear the youth, who took up classes, which they borrowed to take, such as Lesbian Dance Theory, Human services, and community organization, or something like fine arts, they then are angry because after saddling themselves with a $100,000 debt, they feel that they should not have to pay this debt, we should.


What is more, you have the one poster demanding a free Tesla, amazing the audacity of the youth today. It seems they fail to understand, if you did not earn something and force someone else to give it to you, it is theft, no matter how you cut it.

Bernie has been beating the same drum for years; the youth love it. They want something for free, but what happens when you run out of Billionaires to steal from? It is interesting how Bernie used to rail against millionaires; now he is a multi-millionaire, he only has problems with Billionaires. If he became worth a billion, he would have issues with anyone with more money than he has. Bernie is nothing but a hypocrite, sadly there is always enough youth to give a platform to people like him, Warren, AOC’s and others, but once you start to earn your own money, you are not so happy to have it all taken from you.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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