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The Left’s Continuing Love Affair With Socialism

The Left’s Continuing Love Affair With Socialism

I have always been amazed by the left’s  love affair with socialism, their willingness to stick up for regimes that hate the US. While they have no problem attacking the president, this government, the evilness they see in our nation, they ignore all the atrocities, the mass murder, and genocide, the total lack of any rights in socialist countries, this seems to be what they want to bring here. 

In the 1950’s and 60’s, they marched with signs, “Better Red the Dead,” the New York Times would write glowing pieces about Stalin’s Russia but refused to cover the famine that was going on in the 30’s.

What has always been interesting though, is when you confront the left and the socialist far left if you question them about atrocities, the fact that in Germany, the East built walls and shot people to keep them from fleeing to the West, Cuba would imprison people if they caught them trying to escape by sea, the Soviets did the same where the USSR empire met the West, yet listening to these people, there was nothing but freedom, the people lived in a utopia. (I wonder if anyone ever asked the millions that lived in re-education camps, or were imprisoned for their political beliefs if they felt the same?)

What has always been interesting, and you will see this int he links give with Tuckers interview with a lifelong socialist who claims North Korea is just heavenly. She believes it is a benign nation that is nothing but a socialist paradise. Of course,  when asked questions that need to be answered, she either quickly changes the subject or naturally refuses to answer them.

This does seem to the be the way of the left, when you can’t answer truthfully, you ignore the question, then act like it was never asked. A perfect example of this is when people call for Trump to be impeached; you ask what crime, naturally they can’s show any law he broke. 

We do hear obstruction, but the president is the head of the government, under the law he has the legal right to hire and fire heads of agencies. That is why when Nixon was in office, Lincoln and even back to Jefferson, when they had the justice department not doing as they demanded, they fired the people that were in the way. 

I think the worst part of this, and it shows how little love these Democrats have for this nation; they will scream that Trump is a dictator (naturally no one can show you how he is one). Then they condemn him, yell that the citizens should march on Washington and remove him, but in the next breath, they gush over North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

I read a book a couple of months ago that was a technothriller; in the book, the North Koreans figured out a way to smuggle a nuke weapon into Washington, when it went off the people in New York, San Francisco, Portland and other liberal cities danced in the streets because Trump was killed. The sad truth is they may very well do such a thing if it happened. 

We have democratic leaders screaming for impeachment, but there are no crimes shown, but they loved Fidel, and yet his crimes were well documented. 

Hollywood stars have openly called for an insurrection against Trump to kick off a civil war, yet they still ooze with praise over Stalin. 

At this point I am so tired of it I have stopped watching all movies done recently, refuse to go to movie theaters, this is my protest. I will not contribute my money to aid in their seditious behavior, I think the ones calling for Trump’s death should be sitting in jail, we all know if I had done such a thing against Obama I would still be in prison. 

It is time for silence to stop, we all need to speak out on this, to plaster social networks exposing this hypocrisy and outright hatred for the US we see from the left. The Left’s leaders like Pelosi and the rest, they love to speak of patriotism, but they have no clue what that means, it is time to drain the swamp, if it is not drained then we need to do so at the polls. Also, if the far left does take up arms, as many are now calling for, we need to be ready to protect what is, never to allow any enemy, either from outside or within, to undo what is a great nation and work.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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