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The left’s Move To Emasculate Boys and Men

The left’s Move To Emasculate Boys and Men

Boys and men, many times rough and tumble, for years parents say this is just boys being boys, figured out ways to redirect this energy, most times the father had a hand in this, but now this is all under assault. We now see an assault by the left on all that makes up the male psyche; they act like it is a blight, a problem; the feminist and the far left are trying to emasculate the men, subdue what makes them what they are, one has to wonder what are the effects of this?

We have seen the news, the one common theme of mass shootings is that these are exclusively carried out by men. The Age differs considerably, but the gender is the same, why is it that we are seeing such a spike in this over the last 25 years, what has happened over that same period that could have caused this effect?

I am in my mid 50’s, that puts my childhood in the 60’s and 70’s, at that time we were still told that boys would be boys, the aggressive nature of boys was understood, for the most part, people figured out how to channel that energy that boys had, make sure it was put to good use. 

The first eight years of my life my parents took us camping, we had clubs we went to, my father would take us on hikes, we boys spent almost every evening when he came home from work wrestling with him, it was something to burn off our energy and give us the interaction we needed with our father. After eight my folks moved on a farm, picked up about 60 head of cattle and then there was no time to worry about burning off your energy, the farm took care of that. 

Today we don’t see this as many kids on the farm the move to the cities continue to grow at a quickening pace, since the 1800’s  a massive migration to the towns started in earnest, this grew in numbers as we came to the 1990’s, prior to this time much of the US’s population was centered in the country, boys would aid their fathers even in small homesteads with hand milking cows, taking care of the horse or horses, hunting for food, working the garden, there really wasn’t much free time available, as people migrated to the cities that started to changed. In the 1800’s less than 10% of the nation’s population was centered in cities, today that number is at about 70%, and if you add in the suburbs, the numbers spike up.

Over the years we have seen a dramatic shift from a rural society to a city, in that same period we have tried to figure out ways to calm down the male character, but I think this has had more of a detrimental effect than to aid it. Today instead of knowing that boys will be boys we have tried to tell them to stop being boys, to be more like girls, their aggressive nature has been discouraged, what was built up due to nature needs to find a outlet, does not matter if one likes it or not, this is dealing with biological facts, not secular fantasies. What we have done in the process in trying to neuter boys, is ignore their aggressive nature, this has caused irreparable harm to the male psyche as they have had no place to channel this, now they do so with social networks and video games..

Since the 1960’s we saw the trend to first strip morals from society, this was attacked in schools and anything dealing with the public, today it is assaulted to even a higher degree, there are groups that do nothing but travel to attack this. The left has been unusually aggressive on this, stripping first any mention of faith than any public showing of it from that time until now where it has even gotten worse. As was shown in my article yesterday, Why Is There Suddenly So Many Shootings, as the secularist has attacked religious thought, they never moved to replace the teaching of morals to another way, they now have left that to Xbox and Youtube along with a host of other horrible sites on the internet. We stripped away our method of not only teaching morals but also showing the cause and effects of bad choices. Parents have moved to aggressively attacking anyone who dares to show there is the effect on lousy behavior today instead of supporting the teaching of it, and we wonder why the kids act the way they do. 

Today we have authors that are teaching that the male characteristics need to be buried, destroyed, This started with Roberta Steinbacher and her 1984 People profile of Ericsson, has continued on today with the now open attack on all things male with the claims of toxic masculinity. The Feminist movement went from a very positive thing, empowering women, I grew up a wonderfully strong woman who told us boys and girls that women could do anything they wanted, it was a great lesson, but this not that, this is more an open attack on men by the feminist movement today, they don’t any longer try to empower women they choose more to attack men to make us seem inferior, this is raising up a whole lot of resentment. 

This has not carried into the #MeToo movement, as I had warned in: “Is Sexual Harassment In Danger Of Becoming The New McCarthyism?” of the change of the #MeToo movement from enabling women to come forward and speak of horrible attacks against them, to empower them to point out their perpetrators and let the world know of them, now it is just a shadow of this. This started to digress into something more sinister, turned from empowering women again to an all-out assault by the left against Trump in #MeToo, From Justice to Self-Inflicted Wounds

So what has this all done? We have gone from a male-dominated society to a more gender-neutral community, but in the process of this have made the role of men expendable. There used to be a structure, not saying it was always the right one, and by no means would ever say it wasn’t abused, but what has been done is this old way, that men were the head of the house, their duty was to protect the family, be strong for them while the mother was nurturing has been somewhat done away with, you have house dads, men staying at home with the kids while the mother works. While this may seem convenient, it also has emasculated men if not put in place correctly.

There are many cases of men not feeling useful, for we have been taught since we were young to be the breadwinner, to go out and earn the cash for the family, now we are being told we are better off babysitting, this causes enormous problems. Not saying it should not be done, but if you are going to go this route, make sure the men know the reason way, and not “I am making more money then you, I am empowered, so deal with it”, women do this and then wonder why their husbands turn unfaithful, become resentful, this is due to just like women used to be this way when their effort and work in the home was underapricated, we see now the same thing in reverse, the reaction is the same. 

While the reaction may  be the same in regards to staying at home, themore profound problems on the male psyche go much more in-depth, we have seen since this has started an increase in male suicides, this had gone up from the peak in the 1990’s when this all started, it took a decline in 2000, this was agreed upon that it was a great thing, but now as you can see the numbers have risen quickly up to their highest point, almost to where it was in the 90’s by 2015, you can see this below:

While there has been an increase in women’s suicides, it is nothing like with the males. Some of this is caused by the lack of direction that men are feeling today, many feel emasculated, useless, in such cases taking ones life may seem like a way out. But this is more a final effect of problems that males are facing, look at the dramatic rise in male depression, much of what men were raised with is now under assault, many turn to despair because they know nowhere else to turn. Men faced with this problem today are not aided, they are emasculated. 

So what happens when all this happens? Men turn to their darker side, this can be shown with the dramatic and callus rise in mass school shootings, I would not give credit to only this causing such a thing, as video games become more violent kids get lost in a game of killing, soon their fix may not be able to be taken care of with doing away of their aggression and violence in video games. To combat the boredom that comes with repetition the games have turned more realistic, today you can pull up video game characters that interact with you and have a specific human likeness, not like the games in the 90’s where they looked more cartoonish. With the rise of 3D gaming this is turning into even a more realistic world, you are interacting in real time with characters that look and react like real people, for a small minority this will not be enough, increasing their adrenaline high they get from mass killing in the games, jumping to reality is not that difficult. 

But this is not just due to emasculating men, and this also has to do with the pharmaceutical world, the endorphin high is gone, rather than do something psychotic many turns to drugs, both the legal and illegal type. Many psychiatrists today just drug everyone up, rather than deal with the cause, it is so much more comfortable to throw a band-aid on. Also with this new way of thinking, it is not fashionable, so they just put the boys into a drug-induced haze. 

Add to this a lack of role models, if you look at the size of single-parent homes, the males have gone missing from what should be their duties, raising and giving an example to their kids, many are still at heart kids themselves, this breeds resentment, they were never taught to take responsibility for their actions, seems like no one now days are, so they leave. 

As more of our ethics, morals, role models are stripped away in this liberal paradise, we are going to see even a more significant increase of depression, ones that have a hard time dealing with reality will go for the rush that only acts like mass killing will provide their demented minds. We see as men get lost with their male identity stripped depression and suicide many times follow, with others they will react violently, you can’t undo thousands of years of nature and expect it not to respond.

Is there a way to fix this? Of course, there is, we need to look at what had been done since the beginning of time that kept much of this at bay. There are both good and bad parts that have to be examined, we can do away with the wrong elements, such as the dominance over women that was so long prevalent, we can stop the violence against each other, but do so by channeling that male energy towards something positive. Look how morals were taught in the past, then figure out a way to do this again, if you are not going to accept the religious means of doing it, then for goodness sake you better figure something out. 

We as parents need to be very proactive in what our kids are looking at, who they are talking to, teach there are consequences to actions, there are an absolute right and wrong. We need to learn once more that telling the truth is not racist or bigotted, if one tells the truth and it is hurtful, then you need to look at why it hurts you and fix that, it is your problem, not the person expressing the truth. We need to figure out how to be civil, it may be fun for some to be nasty to others, but then when it is done back the outrage is shown, seems people today think they can attack but don’t you dare do so again, no place is this more open then with the left. 

Let our boys be boys, love them for what they are. Girls, if you want to date boys and not have them worried out of their mind that what they may say or do, it may be taken as offensive to you and then used against them 20 or 30 years against them, tell them what your boundaries are, parents should do this as well. I have a 12-year-old, one of those sweet late in life surprises, we go over almost on a daily bases on how to react to situations he may face, how he should treat girls, and yes, my wife puts as much input as I do, he needs to see both sides.

Respect is both earned and taught, that needs to be remembered, in life. So is winning and losing out in life, to give awards for participating shows nothing, you teach a feeling of entitlement of never having had failed, so when it is first experienced, and it is for all, there are no tools that were taught on how to deal with this. Lossing should be seen as a chance to learn, not as a failure; if we can determine that kids then will not stop when they lose, they will roll up their sleeves more determined to learn and not do so again. 

And above all, let our boys be boys, learn to love, channel what they are, not suppress it, you do a disservice to both them, yourself and society, in the process rob the world of the greatness boys can contribute. 


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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