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The Left’s Subtle Attack Against Free Speech

The Left’s Subtle Attack Against Free Speech

We have known for a while now that free speech has come under attack, you can see it with riots in campuses when speakers they don’t agree with coming in. But now the left is taking a more subtle approach, are working to take away the financial support of free speech. 

We saw this during this week with the pulling of advertising of Tucker’s program over his statement that illegals are leaving Mexico dirty and crime-ridden, which even their civic leaders admitted to, but telling the truth is not acceptable, the left demands that consequences are dealt out for such a violation, they are now targeting advertisers. 

This is a more subtle attack on free speech; they can then say, “Look, we aren’t against free speech, we never tried to stop you!” But then they target advertisers, label what you say as hate speech, even when most of the time it is not, and tell advertisers, either drop your advertising with this individual or we will boycott you. 

Advertisers not wishing to be in the middle of a confrontation don’t want this type of conflict, so they quickly cave in and drop the advertizing, thus quickly demonetizing the show, thus shutting down free speech by cutting off the ability to do so on the open air. 

And Tucker is not the only one facing this, Hannity, earlier Bill
O’Reilly  was run out of business,  you have the same attacks against Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, and Dinesh D’Souza, just to name a few. 

We as conservatives have done nothing but shake our heads in disgust, but is this enough? I remember when I was younger being told, if you are going to fight someone fighting you dirty, you sometimes have to roll up your sleeves and expect to get as dirty as they are, maybe it is time for us to take this to account. 

When you look at this nation about 40% of it is left leaning, that includes from the far left to left center, the other 40% are from center right to far right, and the 20% in the middle, independents. The problem with this is we on the right are allowing the left, more so, the far left to dictate to us our actions, if we do or say something they don’t like, the go on the attack, in response we cower back and do nothing. 

We allow the attaching of labels to dictate our actions, if the left does not like something we say, and I run into this all the time, they label you a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobic, or some other label. We run from this, shake in fear because we don’t want it to stick to us, but I ask why? If we are not this way, why should we be so fearful of a false accusation? 

Why do we take this, should we allow this type of thing to go on, instead of pulling back meet them head-on, attack right back. I run into the label all the time, claims that what I state is hate speech, have been cut off from Google News feeds and others because of this label, so when they try to attach that to my speech, I demand they show where I made hate speech. 

This can be tricky, they will point out a part they think is this way, you show the sources you got this from, then ask, “Is showing data, hard facts, historical evidence, archaeological finds, or whatever other data you provide as proof for your stance racist? Facts are facts, showing facts is no more racist then showing equations, but even those, nowadays, are claimed to be racist. When you don’t like what facts show you, the left label them racist then make up their own. 

Facts are facts.  They are not racist, they are incapable of such things, they care not about religion or creed, they are facts, as such, they only state what is truth without interest for how you, or I, are affected by them. 

Run into this saying all the time, “You have your facts, I have mine!” That is not true, there are true facts, and there are false ones, no one possesses any ownership to facts, but they do with how they interpret them. This is the same as people telling you that they have their truth and you have yours, no, you have your opinion of the truth, I have mine, again, the truth remains the truth regardless of how you interpret it. This is as false as stating, “Your truth is not my truth.”

With the left we are now moving away from forming opinions based on facts, more to opinions based on feelings, then twist the facts to match what they think it should be, you see this with topics like Global Warming all the time, you question the data, you get screamed at, the opinions of feelings of the masses matter more then the facts do, you are condemned for daring to question. 

We have power in this nation, Trump getting elected gave evidence to this, the greatest fear of the left is we come to realize this, for if we do, we could give them right back in measure to what they are doing to us. If you want to boycott, do it back. If you look at the left, their demographics are members aged 18 to 30 make up the majority of their numbers, the conservatives are as a rule older then 30, although the youthful side is growing. 

The question then needs to be asked, what demographic has the greatest purchasing power? We know this always lies with people over 30, if we start to pull our funds from purchasing items that support leftist ideology and are attacking conservative thought, they will soon be faced with two choices, look at shrinking revenue and stick to your ideology, or stop this and not lose the money from the majority of the people doing the purchasing. 

I must say before people start yelling, I am not in favor of ever using boycotts, I think the people not on the top are always the ones hurt the most, the very people you are trying not to hurt. But sometimes this is the only way to be heard. We need to figure out a way to unite, to target these companies that are siding with the left and attacking the conservatives, to let them know that they are in business to make money, not prop up, the ideology that is against what we stand for. 

We need to find someone to set up a site that will track this, then join, track places that are boycotting advertising, then make sure we don’t purchase from them. While we individually can do our part, I for one will not shop in Target, refuse to go out to eat again with IHOP, buy any GE products, nor will I ever purchase from Ben and Jerries Ice Cream, we need to look at unifying ourselves so we can be heard. 

I have found over the years, the only way to make these companies listen is to hit them where it hurts them the most, their bottom line. Free speech is under attack, it is up to us to make sure the opposition knows that we don’t and won’t allow it. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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