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The Liberal Idea Of A Perfect World

The Liberal Idea Of A Perfect World

While the left is still in denial over the elections, it is important to realize exactly what we stopped, what would have happened if Trump would not have won. Would there be a drastic change today? I think to understand this we not only have to look at what we see now, but what these changes would have done as things were compounded into the future. To see this, we need to look to Europe and other nations where the Left has had a more extended period implementing their goals and see what has happened to them. The best way to do this is to look at our fundamental rights, see how they would be affected if this had happened.

I think the most significant threat that was stopped to this republic, and we see it now with the courts challenging Trump with his every move is that Obama had put in place activist judges in the lower courts, the appellate courts, even in the Supreme Court. The rule of law as was written does not matter to these people as much as what is seen as morally right or wrong, and naturally, that is by their standards, if a law is seen by them as infringing what they see as right, you just ignore it. One of the most excellent examples of this is the ruling by justices appointed under Obama who is ruling on DACA; there is no possible legal premise to stop what Trump is doing, Obama put that program into place with an executive order, it was never set into law by Congress. Now can you imagine if Clinton had won, had put the same number of justices into the courts that Trump has done, what this would have done to her successor if he had not been liberal?

There is a reason that we see justice with a blindfold on; it is because judgment, while it may be effected with empathy and humanity, it is not supposed to be achieved in any way with political or personal bias, yet this is not even close to the case we see now. Today we have rulings from the court that show extreme prejudice, in some cases, the rule of law is ignored. Another excellent example of this is the courts when Trump took office trying to control his immigration policies, they would rule that it somehow was prejudiced to order that some nations, which have terrible radical Islamic problems, in many cases much of the country is in a state of anarchy with little or no government control, that we should accept these people into our nation. In so doing they ignored that the constitution gives the president the legal authority to set up and put in place the right for the president to set the immigration policy, none of this matters to them.

In the same way, Lincoln faced years of democratic appointments from James Polk, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchannon’s presidency where the houses were controlled by the Democrats, in fact, had controlled the Congress from 1803 until the civil war. All but four years, with a large enough majority that the opposition, thus the assigning of judicial seats was always slanted in their favor. The Senate was no better, for the most part, it echoed the same thing, although, at this time the Senators were not elected, they were assigned by their state governments, so the division was not as severe as it was in the Congress.

It was under this that the courts had been stacked so severely that when the split came about Lincoln was faced with two choices, either allow the courts to freeze up all his rulings, they like with Trump were trying to challenge and put in legal blockades to what he was doing, or he could ignore what they demanded and do what was needed to be done, Lincoln chose the later, in fact things got so contentious with the courts that at one time he issued an arrest warrant for the Chief Justice from the US Supreme Court. The split and opposition, due to Bush being in office for eight years counter some of the damage Obama had done, but many of the Bush appointees retired over time, they were eventually replaced with one from Obama, and some of the Clinton appointees were still in office. The outcome of this is what you see facing Trump now. 

But the courts are not the only problem, in Europe, there is no second amendment, so when the left has chosen to take guns, they went around and confiscated them. In England, much of Europe guns are gone, in Australia, which the Left loves to show off as an example they are as well. Guns were not taken with peaceful cooperation by a willing citizenry; rather it was taken under threat of arrest if they did not comply. The guns were taken, now citizens have no means of defense. This is the Liberal idea of a perfect world.

But there is, even more, freedom of speech from Europe to Canada are being stripped if what you say is seen as offensive to someone else. The problem with this is what offends one person will not see the other. And if you are speaking with facts, if a person is offended by the facts, should you be held responsible for daring to present them? A great case in point is their laws against speaking out against Islam, for some reason though I have yet to find a case when Muslims are saying that all Jews, Christians or whatever flavor they have for that week should be killed, subjugated, raped or forced to convert, not a word is said, amazing how this justice only ever goes one way. The only case I have seen that is contrary to this, and that was due to open support for ISIS, attacks on the Queen, and other such things, the Islamic figure Enjem Choudary. This is the type of people in America the left are supporting now, to state otherwise, one just needs to listen to them to find this out. This is the Liberal idea of a perfect world.

And it goes deeper still, even take Islam out of the picture, the new allies the left has jumped into bed with, you have the left themselves attacking openly any belief that is not their own, this is what we would have seen if Clinton and her successors would have won and kept the White House. We had the left and radical groups that put out pressure on TV if they did not agree with their ideology, a great example are people who never preached what they believed publically, but if they believed in what the scriptures said, that marriage was between a man and a woman, they found this unacceptable. Under Obama, this went totally out of control, under Trump it has tampered back somewhat, but not totally. This is the liberal idea of a perfect world.

We have seen this taken to college, where if you have a difference of idea’s, they will riot, in the name of fighting fascism they run out and act like Nazi Brownshirts attacking and using threats of violence to shut down speeches they don’t agree with. We have seen colleges in the name of personal safety shut down or stifle free speech, they say they are doing it to protect the safety of the people, but I must ask, since when should threats of violence make the truth not to be heard? I have found over the years that people that threaten violence, giving in to them just makes them bolder in their demands, sometimes you have to wade into the middle of them and start knocking some heads togather, then they get the picture that you will not allow them to intimidate you into silence. While I find violence distasteful, I have learned through history that a lack of determination to protect your freedom is the surest way of losing them. 

See the source imageA great example of this is Israel, they have seen first hand, though the example of six million people what a lack of resistance to tyranny will bring, by trying to be peaceful they found first their freedom taken then their lives, that is why they have as their national saying, “Never Again!” They learned quickly when surrounded by people that wished to destroy them you can’t whisper sweet things in their ears, buy them off and ignore them, doing so is at your peril, so they have stood aggressively against any threat to their national sovereignty or the wellbeing of their people, as conservatives that see our rights to freedom being insidiously stripped away we need to learn from this. 

What is more, if you listen to many of the new liberals, the likes of Keith Ellison and others from groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, BDS, and others are moving the DNC further and further away from support of Israel. Many love to say Obama was a friend of Israel, that is a lie, the only reason he did not do more harm then he did when leaving office to them as he knew if he tried to cut off relations with Israel he would have lost any conservative support he had and would have lost many within the left as well. Sadly this will not be the case for much longer, many in the left, sadly including the liberal Jews as well, they would toss Israel in the heaps of history if it would promote their liberal ideology. It took a change of administrations and finally a courageous enough of a president to put in motion the Jerusalem Embassy act, showing the world regardless of how much of protests they gave, Israel was our friend and would remain so under his watch. I know this will offend many, but as a Jew, these liberal Jews make no more sense to me than a fascist Jew, in some cases I don’t see much difference. 

And this does not even bring to count the fact that if Clinton would have been elected, with the press the left is doing against Russia right now while ignoring the countries that actually hate us and want to destroy us, we could have very well been in a shooting war with Russia and seeing WW3 kicking off. 

Now before some of you radicals get all excited by this, no I am not advocating gathering togather in self defense groups and attacking liberals, in fact, see nothing be accomplished by this right now, but what we have to do is be vigilant that our rights to protect ourselves is not stripped away, no matter how sweet the sound of the argument is, sadly we see this now with even the conservative right, the ones that in the past have always held the right to bear arms as a sacred right, they now are saying we need to strip this right, blame the guns rather than the people, give no protection to a soft target, then blame the tool used rather than the person. We have to fight this, by making sure blame is placed where it should be.

I am far too heavy, I would love to blame it on my back, had it broken in a terrible accident, was told I may never walk due to this, I have out of this a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome, it is like a backache on steroids, I could blame my heaviness on this, I could scream about spoons, say if it were not for spoons I would not be in this condition, but neither are at fault, I need to take responsiblity and stop shoveling the damn spoon in my mouth, you can take the spoon, I will just use the fork, grab that as well, I still have my fingers. No spoon can make you fat, but you using it sure can; we need to demand the same distinction is used with guns, for some reason far more deaths come from knives, yet no one says a peep about this, only about guns, we need to start making sure blame is placed where it should be, on the individual using the weapon, not the weapon itself. Taking away our right to defend ourselves, this is the liberal idea of a perfect world.

We can see from just this small picture what a perfect world for the liberals is, a world where freedom of speech is gone, the right to practice your faith is dependent on their approval, you may not protect yourself, and while they are at it they want to bring in millions of people that will hate you, your way of life, and will preach how they wish to destroy you. Some of you liberals may want this; this is NOT my idea of a perfect world, rather more like one I would fight with every means within reach to stop. 



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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