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The News–From Giants In The American Experience to Lies And Political Bias

The News–From Giants In The American Experience to Lies And Political Bias


Is the news dead, has tied itself to the political parties, like FOX has done to the GOP and the rest to the DNC tied their hands and thrown them in the fire with the party they are now more and more actively advocating for? It used to be that the press never showed any political favoritism, it was there, but never done in the way it is now, intentionally and out in the open.

I was watching the White House briefing and watched as Jim Acosta, the White House correspondent from CNN, when the press secretary, Sarah Sanders, took questions I noticed he could not simply ask a question, they were always with lectures and innuendo’s as he give his question; that particular day he was asking why the president took an interest in the Uranium one deal, but instead of just asking why he took interest in the Uranium One deal, he had to add in that the president only was doing this to take eyes off of the Russian Collusion investigation (seems he missed out the memo, or is trying to ignore the fact that this investigation has turned, instead is now looking that the players in the DNC and the Clinton camp.

I find it even more interesting how he feigns outrage that President Trump would are to accuse Clinton of collusion, but he was just a moment before doing the same thing with Trump.

CNN like much of the press has forgone any pretense of being an unbiased news reporting organization sharing the news, you have them here with Anderson Cooper asking why Donald Trump Jr was not forthcoming about his having a conversation with an attorney saying she had information from the Russians on Clinton, but when asked about the Clinton campaign going onto sovereign foreign soil in the Ukrainian embassy, Anderson Cooper naturally finds this challenge rather boring and silly, proceeds to use body language to clearly show it.

And it doesn’t stop with CNN, how about we look at MSNBC. We have Rachel Maddow who is running a monologue about how Donald Trump Jr. was not surprised that the Russians had material on Hillary Clinton. She then goes on to say that she has to question if Russia had help in the US, how Trump, his son and the rest should be investigated, but goes further to do all but imply that they were, in fact, colluding, the world was coming down on the White House and the Trump Campaign.

Now that the Tables May Be Turning these same places that called for the prosecution of Trump Jr. Gleefully make jokes of the downfall of the Trump administration over the Russian probe by the Special prosecutor, they are now scrambling, suddenly the idea of working with the Russians, well that is not a problem, that is opposition research, according to Cuomo, if the Ukrainians work with the DNC, that is fine, but the Russians, that is a whole different story.

We have Morning Joe, rather than focus on the actual news, when it came to the question on Clinton and the DNC paying for the Steele Dossier they excuse it, refuse to focus on it, instead claim this is only an attempt to take eyes off of the ball. (What is more, they attack for Trump not taking Morning Briefings, which there is no proof of this, yet they protected Obama who never took them.)

Of course, the RT had to join in by saying the dossier was dismissed.

What is better, we have CNN coming out and saying the Trump dossier; this was put together to aid the Trump campaign. I must ask, how can such a file help the Trump Administration, or because it was taken with information from the Russians, then somehow by connecting dots it just must have been put together to give him an election? In the interview, we see a move to say that the organization paid to collect the data, they were paying a subcontractor, who in turn went to Russian government employees, it names these people by name, it is not like it was a secret, their names were on the papers.

What is more, you have instead of saying there is an issue; you have the press now saying the dossier is full of truths when exactly the opposite is true, it has been debunked, that is why it was never used, it was so outlandish. Even the creator, Christopher Steele admitted that the material was rather shaky, there was no way to provide proof of what was in it.  

Or the best one yet, FOX started this, it was actually brought up by the New York Times, was ran again by The Hill just recently, naturally this was very quickly attacked, but one has to ask, why is it no one had looked into the Clinton Charity, how much money did they pull in during 2010 when this was going on, and then in years after that, we all know no one else after this offered to pay President Clinton $500,000 for a 20 minute speech. What we really are waiting to see, after Clinton’s path to the White House has dried up, as in this year, what is their donations this year, if you suddenly see the donations dry up by more then half, I would think we need to do then an investigation as to why, why suddenly are they pulling in so little when their run for office is done?

We hear time after time that it is Trump who has attacked the media, it was he who went to Twitter to bypass the media thus lessening their influence, they went so far as to tell people during the elections last year not to listen to press releases, only they should have the right to release what they see as news.

I say just the opposite, as we have looked at this whole investigation turn on the Democrats, looks like now the Special Investigator Mueller is now starting to turn to the democratic leadership, look at what the DNC and the Clinton administration has done in paying for a dossier, they knowingly gave money for research they knew was from the Russians, it has their officers and leaders right on the file, further they have run hour after hour attacking Trump, yet they now are ignoring this because it is not convenient to their narrative.

The great news out of all this, when this does finally break, the press will not be able to hide it, it is too large, if the special investigation office starts indicting democratic players, you will see scrambling by the press as you have never seen before, this will destroy what little reputation they have left, but not only them, it will also expose the absolute vileness and corruption behind the nice shiny, beautiful porcelain exterior of the DNC, when you crack that open, you have nothing but corruption, rot, and the putrid smell of the swamp.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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