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The Sun Lists Actress’s “Conservative Views,” With DUIs, Felony Convictions, Drug Abuse As Part Of “Curse” On Full House Cast

The Sun Lists Actress’s “Conservative Views,”  With DUIs, Felony Convictions, Drug Abuse As Part Of “Curse” On Full House Cast

In the wake of the tragic death of beloved actor Bob Saget, The Sun just published the most hilarious–but extremely telling–article about the troubles that plagued the cast of the popular TV show Full House.

The article details numerous devastating and destructive issues in the lives of iconic cast members, such as John Stamos’ DUIs, Jodie Sweetin’s methamphetamine addiction and subsequent contentious and abusive relationships, Mary-Kate and Ashely Olson’s drug abuse and eating disorders, and Lori Laughlin’s felony charges for mail fraud when she was caught paying her daughter’s way into a prestigious university.

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And right in there with all these dangerous, tragic, and illegal issues?

Candace Cameron Bure’s conservative views.

Literally, the fact that she has conservative opinions.

It even made the cover photo.

As though her describing her role in her marriage as biblically “submissive,” “bridled strength,” and “meekness” is just as horrifying and devastating as driving drunk, abusing drugs, and committing felony mail fraud while cheating the college admissions process.

How dare she publicly express conservative values! Doesn’t she know that the narrative dictates that all influential or public figures are supposed to push woke leftist values? Someone might agree with her and appreciate her speaking up publicly, which might encourage others to do the same. This is horrifying and tragic. It’s part of a “curse” of devastation on the cast.

That’s what they think of your conservative views.

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Notes from the Editor

I think that liberal journalists now consider conservative views, upholding Judeo-Christian values equal to drunk driving, spousal abuse, or drug abuse is shocking, but it is hardly surprising.

Take a look at the heroes that the Left has lifted over the last couple of years. A drug addict that robbed people put a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly while robbing her. Others that fought and shot at cops, lawbreakers, terrorists, people full of hate, or racists, is it a surprise after they have tried to make what is evil good that they find what is good, evil?

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But that they find conservative views in an equal class as these other addictions and criminal behaviors are hard to take, but we have to understand, this is what we are up against.

We are not only looking at a transformation of our nation’s political landscape, the Left is determined to start with your youth, changing their views and perspective with CRT, but the new dogma’s also on LGBTQ ideology, attacks against religious ideology, and anyone that dares share conservative views.

We are not in a squirmish; this is an all-out war for the very soul of this nation. The question has to be asked, “What are you going to do about it?”

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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