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The Unified DNC Front Is Fracturing Under Far Left Pressure

The Unified DNC Front  Is Fracturing Under Far Left Pressure

The DNC loves to present a unified front; they want us to believe they are all togather in their goals, and one of those goals is their need to get Trump out of office in the 2020 elections. There is no unified DNC front, what you see is the fracturing of the DNC under Pelosi with the far left calling the shots, openly rebelling, and no one seems able to control them.

Much of the problem is coming from Nancy Pelosi coming out and saying there will be no impeachment, the Senate is not with them on this, and by her own words, Trump “Is not worth their time.” But is this what the rest think, it seems not, we see the fragmentation of the unified DNC front.

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Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi

I beg to differ on her reasons, go into this with PELOSI CLAIMS: IMPEACHMENT IS NOT WORTH HER TIME, BUT IS THIS REALLY THE REASON? As I state in the article, Pelosi is saving face, this is not that Trump is not worth it, the facts are up to now there has been investigation after investigation and not one shred of evidence has shown that Trump colluded with the Russians in any way.

We now have Congressmen and woman like Rep. Green who has come out and said he will force a vote on impeachment regardless of what Pelosi demands. AOC has come out and said she does not believe that impeachment will ever be 100% off the table.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who announced last week that she plans to file an impeachment resolution later this month, vowed Tuesday to “press ahead.”

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Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman

Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman of California, who reintroduced articles of impeachment at the start of the 116th Congress, said on Tuesday that:

“When public opinion is in support of removal, I am confident that the impeachment will go forward.

As to when to move forward with impeachment hearings: If you call them investigatory hearings if you call them impeachment hearings, either way, we’re showing the American people what this President has done. We’re changing public opinion and when public opinion is in support of removal, I’m confident that the impeachment will go forward.”

Sherman added, however, “to get public opinion on our side … frankly, I think it’s going to take new facts as damning as the old facts are.”

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Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee, who has also previously introduced articles of impeachment, said on Tuesday that he believes the President has “done things that are certainly worthy of looking into impeachment,” when asked if Trump should be impeached.

My personal position is he is a blight on American society, the American government, the American nation, and humanity,”

Tlaib said on Tuesday that the resolution she has said she plans to introduce “is just one of the first steps” and described it as a “resolution to begin the investigation.”

In other words, no longer is a crime or move outside constitutional authority reason enough; what he is saying is a dislike of the president should be grounds enough to get rid of him. Thus we see two sides waring in the DNC; one party does not care what it costs, getting rid of Trump is all that matters, the other knows what the cost will be, they witnessed this under Clinton’s impeachment. The unified DNC front is unraveling.

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House Of Representatives

One has to wonder, is this the new bar, will we then face if a Democratic president is in office, if the House then is taken over by a Majority of Republicans, the Senate also, are they then justified in terminating the term due to their dislike of the President?

I have said before, if this is allowed to go forward, and it will not be, the house can impeach, they may have the numbers, but the backlash will pale in comparison to Clinton, Clinton broke the law, lied under oath, what you have for reason with Trump is no crime, only a strong dislike, this could very well throw this nation into civil war and endanger the Republic.

I can honestly say, not since the civil war has there been such a threat to this great nation of ours. Sadly it is not from the enemy outside our borders, it is from the enemies within, all posing as patriotic Americans. The problem is the far left actors, the unified DNC front is cracking wide open, no longer is the Speaker in charge of her members, they are ignoring her, going after Trump, the consequences be damned.

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