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The Way Forward Act, Destruction Of America From Within

The Way Forward Act, Destruction Of America From Within

At this moment, there is a bill pending in Congress called the New Way Forward Act. It’s received almost no publicity, which is unfortunate as well as revealing.

44 House Democrats, including Reps, sponsor the legislation. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. It is a lengthy bill, aimed at redoing the whole immigration laws in America; the length is in the thousands of words, it is very detailed. But what is in the details?

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The Way Forward Act

This is not a tweaking of the immigration laws we have today. This is more aimed at radically transforming this nation into something we don’t know. One of the more disturbing portions of the bill will give immunity from deportation for our harshest criminals, allow foreign hardened criminals to settle in the US, even illegally without ramifications.

In a bill that the press has been stunningly silent over, it was unheard of until Tucker Carlson blew the whole thing wide open. The Way Forward Act shows the real intent of the Progressive Left. It shows their desire to destroy this nation as we know by rotting it from within, then adding from outside our borders more rot to hasten our destruction.

Carlson called the act the “single most radical single piece of legislation we have ever seen proposed in this country, ever” and a plan that “makes the Green New Deal look like the status quo,” then went into the nuts and bolts of how the proposed legislation would severely relax the immigration laws that require convicted illegals to be deported.

“Under the New Way Forward Act, ‘crimes of moral turpitude’ are eliminated as a justification for deportation,” said Carlson. “And the category of ‘aggravated felony’ gets eliminated too,” meaning “there will no longer be any crime that automatically requires deportation.”

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What does that mean?

Consider this: Under current law, immigrants who commit serious crimes – such as robbery, fraud, or child sexual abuse – must be deported, regardless of the sentence they receive. Other crimes – less severe ones like racketeering – require deportation as long as the perpetrator gets at least a one-year sentence.

But if this bill passes the House and Senate and is signed into law by the president, there will no longer be any crimes that automatically require deportation. None.

And one crime – falsifying a passport – will be made immune from deportation, no matter what. Because 9/11 never happened, and we no longer care about fake government documents.

Not satisfied with just trying to radically rewrite our immigration laws to protect the immigrants and not the American citizens, it goes a step further, it states in the bill, anyone who opposes this and wants to secure our borders is guilty of supporting White Supremacy.

By trying to frame this as an anti-racist bill, which is the exact opposite of this, the Democrats are trying to force this on the nation. If we don’t support it, they will scream that we are racist.

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The bill would also aim to neuter ICE, to cut off their ability to deport, to hold, even to question or pick up people. Some classes, such as none English speaking people will be afforded more rights than American citizens.

Transgendered will be given even more rights, as well as other protected classes that the left is such fans of. In other words, we’re seeing disdain and open contempt for our citizens by the supporters of this bill; instead, support is given to immigrants, even the illegal ones.

The final stab in the bill would force the US to pay to repatriate illegals that were deported for crimes, to bring back gang members, criminals, and people that were deported with good reason, this will never again be allowed under this bill.

We need to call this bill what it is; it is a seditious push to destroy the very fabric of this nation, to give protection to illegals over the rights of our citizens. This is going beyond a mere difference of ideas; this is a move by people who despise this nation, want to destroy what has made us into what we are.

We don’t have to worry about Brutus; Democrats are intent on destroying this nation from within by a thousand cuts.

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About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. `Callen Gilbert

    It wasn’t too long ago that Europeans began to visit many of the Social Media sites in an effort to warn Americans of what was happening in Europe. The posters were telling us that their governments were passing laws making it criminal to speak out against Radical Islams. At the time, most countries in the EU were continuing to welcome “immigrants” from the Middle East by the millions and the United States was in the throes of a vicious debate on whether to open our arms to more immigrants than we had been accepting.

    There were attempts to spread the information coming from the EU countries but for almost two years it seemed as if only a few people were listening. It was not until May of 2017 when Poland announced that they were joining Hungary and Austria and would not accept any refugees from the Middle East in defiance of the quata being pushed by Angela Merkel the Prime Minister of Germany, that the public began to take notice of the escalating violence in the EU, the establishment of Islam communities in many cities where citizens of the country in question were warned not to enter, and the surprisingly short time it had taken Muslims to gain control of local politics in many of the mid-size and large cities in the EU.

    Now, we are not only beginning to hear rumors of those types of laws being proposed at local and state levels but an actual bill pending before Congress on the national level that is not a rumor. The danger this bill poses to America can not be overstated. Many will say it won’t possibly pass the Senate and even if it does, the President will never sign it. They will go on to say that there is no sense in getting upset about a bill that has zero chance of becoming law in America.

    I want to point out that the Democrats have more than enough votes to pass the bill in the House and in the Senate, the Democrats are only three “Mitt Romneys” short of having a majority there also. I agree it would be a long shot of that happening but sometimes events play out the opposite of how everyone is positively sure it will. A Senator could be guaranteed support of the Democrats on a bill the Senator had been attempting to get through Congress that is very important to his home state. Mitt Romney would probably vote for the bill just for spite. At that point, the Democrats would only need two votes. That is not so far fetched. A couple more under the table deals or a Senator or two convinced the hate bill portion of the bill would be a good thing and before we know it the bill would be headed to the President’s desk.

    President Trump, I am sure, would immediately veto the bill. So we are safe. This time. Does anyone really believe that if the Democrats fail to pass this bill it will stop them from adding the hate crime portion of it to another bill and another bill? What about after 2024? Are we positive that we can retain control of the White House after President Trump finishes his second term? I hope so but I am not sure we can. 2024 is not that far off. Look how quickly President Trump’s first term has passed.

    There is a solution to stopping this kind of bill from being hidden and sneaked through Congress without the public at least being aware of it. The same solution may be able to completely ban disagreement of something being touted as hate speech thus preventing laws from naming everything said against an idea as a crime. The solution is one that can also force term-limits on Congress and even federal Justices. It could, at the same time fix the massive fiscal problems America finds herself burdened with, and it could stop the federal overreach that has taken so many powers away from the states where it resided for almost two hundred years and return it to the states as envisioned by our Founders.

    The solution is an Article V: Convention of States. For those not familiar with Article V of the Constitution, it is this article which gives direction on how changes to our Constitution may be made. The first pathway the Founders gave us for adding amendments into the Constitution is for Congress to propose amendments by a two-thirds majority of each House and then in order for the proposed Amendments to be added to the Constitution, voters in three-fourths of the states must approve them.

    The only difference between the first pathway available to add amendments to the Constitution and the second pathway available is the method of proposing the amendments to the states. In the second pathway, two-thirds of all states each pass an identical resolution asking Congress to call for a Convention of States. In that Convention, all states send delegates to propose possible amendments that meet the requirements set for in the original resolution. The states’ delegates then debate, discuss, and choose the chosen number of amendments to propose to all the states for passage.

    That is a short summary of how an Article V: Convention of States would work. The current Article V: Convention of States project held a practice convention two years ago which went flawlessly. Currently, fifteen states have passed identical resolutions prevailing upon Congress to call a Convention of States for the purposes set forth in the resolution The purposes set forth in this project’s resolution are to limit the scope and power of the federal government, to provide fiscal controls upon the federal government, including a balanced budget, and to apply term limits on Congress, Federal Justices, and Government bureaucrats.

    Several organizations set up by George Soros have been activated to fight against the passage of the resolution by additional states. These organizations are using false arguments against the Convention such as there is a danger of a runaway convention, that some delegates could sell their vote, or even that the delegates could take away the current rights the people now have. Each of these problems, as well as others, has been foreseen and solutions are already in place. The best solution to any problem that has or maybe brought up is that just like the pathway familiar to most people is that any proposed amendment must be ratified by three-fourths of the states and if is unlikely that both houses of the legislature in thirty-eight states would vote for passage of an amendment that would be in conflict with the people’s desires.

  2. Reynard fox

    Great article! I feel like such a bill has been a long time in the making–all the individual ingredients have been there for years.
    I agree with you, bringing these elements together and making them “official” would be the last nail in the coffin.


    It’s time we DON’T build communities based on ILLEGAL persons who cannot follow our country’s rule of law.
    Many are criminals hellbent on continuing their nefarious activities here, undetected — because they’re here ILLEGALLY. What a novel move on their part!
    And our government politicians — Democrats and Socialists particularly — have NO concern and respect for taxpaying, law-abiding U.S. citizens.

    I hope they rot in hell. I’m so damn sick of their smugness and lies.


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