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The World Today: Syria, Iran, Russia, Israel, the US, and Europe – April 12, 2018

The World Today: Syria, Iran, Russia, Israel, the US, and Europe – April 12, 2018

Sometimes there is so much going on, trying to condense what is going on into a small story, the try to write about that and ignore all else is hard, so I am going to continue how I write, but on days like today, I am going to cover multiple stories like I am now. So here is the first of a series, The World Today.



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Due to this is the place that all are talking about, we do know at this time that chemical weapons in the way of chlorine were used against Syrian civilians, the US has promised, like much of the West, that there will be a zero tolerance of this, but it has been done.

There is a question that has to be asked, who did this, I for one have reservations about the narrative, and there is a good reason for it, but I am not some conspiracy theorist that believes every act is part of a conspiracy, for sometimes people just do evil and stupid things. But the US and the West are rushing headlong into a war, one that could drag in Iran, Syria, Russia, possibly Turkey and most of the West along with Israel, so we should be careful to make sure what we are punishing for is done to the correct people.

I have seen pundits attack others for daring to question this, but it has to be asked, for the timing of things just throws me off. Why is it last year within a week of Trump saying we were going to draw back our forces Syria used a gas attack, one I may add that still has many questioning of the intel was correct, further, this gas attack, almost a year later to the day followed a day after Trump said he was going to pull out of Syria, I must ask, what would have been beneficial to Syria and Russia to keep American forces in land? We need to have an answer to this before we put our troops, our nation, even our world at risk.

Before I have to answer to people saying I am a tool of Putin, I will say this, if we can find proof, and that is the key word, PROOF, and the proof leads to that Syria and Russia had a hand in this, then by all means, shut down Syrian Air Bases, hit their chemical storage depot’s with bunker busters and shut down their ability to fly anything. If Russian forces are injured or killed, maybe they should have carried through with their promise of destroying Syria’s chemical weapons.

But where do other nations come into this?


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The elephant in the room is Russia, what would their response be if we attack Syria? We have to look at this, but I don’t believe this should be something that stands in the way of acting if you issue an ultimatum, and it is rejected and ignored, you have to act on it, regardless of how others react to it. But if they chose to act in the manner they have stated they will, this could explode into a major war in a hurry.

Russia has said that any attack against Syria will be fired back upon, any missile used will be shot down and they will then fire back at the ships or bases that fired the missiles. Trump naturally responded in the way Trump does, he tweeted back:

This then sets us up for a path that could quickly escalate into a major war between the US, Syria, Iran, and Russia along with our Western allies. Russia has already shown that they are preparing for such a thing,  as reported yesterday, moved all their ships out of their naval base in Syria, thus putting them in a better position to ward off any type of attack.

But there is more.


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Turkey is another player, like Iran, they are trying to expand their sphere of influence. What you have here is a megalomaniac who dreams of rebuilding the Ottoman Empire, has said so himself in the past, try to expand his power out to the Arab world and former land what was prior to Turkey, the Ottoman empires control. For more on Turkey the issue with their leader, the move away from the West and towards Russia, please read “TURKEY WITH ERDOĞAN, FRIEND OR FOE,” this gets more into detail the issue with Turkey, the problem with their leadership and the issue with them involved with the area.

But here is the problem in a nutshell; Turkey in addition to calling for other Muslim powers to go to war with Israel over the Jerusalem. Even more, they have attacked forces, the Kurds, that the US is involved with, Turkey claims they are terrorist, but they seem to give little or no distinction from one Kurdish group to another, the fact that Kurds in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere are seeking self-rule is a threat to the Kurdish population they refuse to allow any self-rule to. One has to question their hypocrisy, they scream on the world stage for Israel to do this with the Palestinians but yet they refuse to the thing they are outraged over themselves.

So another player in this is Turkey, what would happen if they decided to back up their word, go in league with Russia and in a coalition attack the US in response, or even worse, expand such a war to Israel; we need to look at this, where it would lead and what would happen to NATO, let alone the crises this would put Israel under, but I will get more into this later.


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Iran is the other big player in this. Militarily they are nothing compared to what the US or the West could put in such a conflict. While they have threatened Israel with war, the reality is they know if such a conflict came about, the only way they could survive a head-on confrontation with Israel would be with Russian military help, that would also set the US to quickly come to Israel’s side, thus another conflict on the world stage.

But there is the case that if Iran, Russia, Turkey and maybe China threw their might behind such a conflict, in addition to leaving Syria even more devastated then it is already, could quickly escalate to engulf the whole Middle East and possibly Europe. While this would not be in Russia’s or China’s self-interests unless they could figure out a way to cut off the US from the Middle East, and that I see little chance of, I could see Turkey seeing this as an opportunity for them to expand in the vacuum such a war would create, and Iran due to religious reason (Their desire to bring the Mahdi or  12th Imam onto the world stage), they could see this as beneficial to themselves and Islam.


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Israel is another player in all of this, while Russia may boast a larger power as a whole, Russia has to maintain much of that power on the European and Chinese borders, so there is no way they would be able to project their full power, this could leave them very vulnerable.

Israel also would tolerate no crossing of the conflict into their borders, while Russia, Syria, and Iran have called for the Golan Heights to be given back to Syria, have threatened to take them forcefully if not, such a move would quickly widen this war, and not in a way that would be good for Russia if the US was already involved.


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This is the nation that could expand this whole conflict and drag it into a world war in a hurry. China has openly stated, any attack on Iran, even in response to their military actions would draw them in, going so far as to say any attack by Israel on Iran (this was to stop their nuclear ambitions) would set the world off in a world war.

One has to look carefully at the actions of China if such a conflict comes about, this is another player that could add to this conflict and soon have the whole thing spiraling out of control.

So What To Do?

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I think we are at a point, just like the world was on Sept. 30, 1938, when Chamberlin gave in to Hitler’s demands, to appease him gave him part of Czechoslovakia to keep the peace and not throw the world into another world war. While I fully understand why he did what he did, he was working, after all, to save the world from entering into a struggle for the soul of our planet  that would, in the end, take the lives of over 50 million people, see war crimes on scale never imagined and scare whole generations of people.

But we also have to take lesson from what Chamberlin did, if he had stood up to Hitler, even if they had gone to war, the strength of Germany was not great enough to cause the damage he ended up causing later, and if they had come to head over this there is a good chance Hitler may have seen that he was going to be opposed, could have saved the war with Russia, France and much of Europe. I have to wonder, are we at this point now, we have what could be described as another axis against the allies? Could we face a far worse loss of life if we do nothing, do what Obama did, draw a line in the sand, then cry about how our feelings were hurt, then do nothing?

I fear much of the problem we are in right now is due to his inability to act, now the world is ore embolden, the enemy sees how to split our nation is due to the conflict of the left vs the right, they could think this is a time to attack, to take us out of a world power position. There is one slight problem, while as Americans we may have differences, like some families we may knock heads and come to blows over these differences, we do have a history of uniting, pulling togather in spite of differences when we are at war, just like a family can have knocked down fights, someone else fights a member of the family they join ranks in a flash.

So do we do nothing due to fear of this escalating to something worse? No, we have to do what is right, sometimes it is better to stand up for good then do nothing, but if we are going to do this, I would hope that all the proof is there, I would hate to see what could, in the end, turn into a massive conflict around the world over a mistake.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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