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There Should Be No Shame In Being White!

There Should Be No Shame In Being White!

I know this is shocking, the racist left will scream in outrage and indignation over this, their sense of propriety will be shattered, but here  it goes anyways, “IT’S OK TO BE WHITE!” What is sad, I now need to clarify this, otherwise, this will be spun, reworded, and made to seem like something it isn’t (not that this will not happen anyway), but with all the race-baiting from the racist left, you need to point this out. It is OK to be whatever you are; you were born with that, White, Black, Brown, or any other of the many shades and hues that humanity comes in. You have a right to be proud of what you are, in your held beliefs, and to allow it to be known.

Even this dog is shocked

It seems today if you are a white American then you are either put in a position by the left where you are told that your life is somehow privileged, or that you must denounce your heritage, all whites to be accepted. We hear claims of  “White Privilege” assigned to all white people, as such you are claimed have tendencies towards racism, it is not something that is taught, instead is something you are born with, it has infiltrated all the fabric of our society, we have no choice, it is almost part of our DNA (or so they say), we are given chances in life, rights, and free meal tickets, get out of jail for free cards, and secretly we are sent checks from only a white banks (reminds me of an Eddy Murphy Saturday Night Live Skit). We are told that if we deny it, that alone is proof that we are racist, and if we dare to point out that such a claim is racist by its definition, lumping a whole group of people due to ethnicity or skin color is the definition of racism, this is attacked, we are told that if you are not white, well then you are incapable of racism, somehow your DNA and color of your skin makes such a thing entirely impossible.

We have heard that there is outrage over some in the alt-right, and some of it is correctly placed, you have people like Richard Spenser who have brought in racism with political beliefs, these people for sure are racist, and should NEVER be given a platform, but then neither should they be silenced. We at 0censor have always stood by the belief that you never silence anyone, you provide them with power by making them feel they are such a threat the only way to stop them is to silence them. You also give rise to feelings in others of curiosity, they wonder what it is that you are hiding; we have always stood by, and will continue to stand by the statement that you fight lousy speech, hateful beliefs by exposing them, put them in the open, show the world what they really are, you don’t silence, by presenting you show everyone what they are, the error in their message, thus you take away the enticement that is given by trying to silence them.

But what about people that alt left today are incorrectly labeling now as racist, like Razib Khan, Ben Shapiro, even Milo Yiannopoulos, they put them in the same grouping as the racist leaders like Richard Spenser, the problem is these men are Arab and Jewish, and Milo, he is both Jewish and gay, hardly someone that would fit in with the fascist of old, but that is of little consequence to the racist left, they label anyone that is not part of their anti-Israeli, white hating group think as fascist. Thus people like Alan Dershowitz, who is a long time Democratic supporter, voted for Hillary, they have claimed he is antisemitic, a racist of terrible proportions.

But it has gone further, on the day of the election you had Van Jones claim the voters for Trump were somehow racially biased, the reacted towards the blacks (not sure how this is possible, Clinton was white, went on to say it was an act of “Whitelash“, of course, the other reporters sympathized, you have others like CNN’s Don LemonMichael Moore say that all the people that voted for Trump were either racist or enabling racism. We saw it with the NFL protest, talking heads that jokingly “claim” to report, people like Joy Reid claiming that anyone who disagreed with the NFL protest were doing so because of their racist attitudes, guess she could not comprehend the love many hold the symbols of this country with.

But it has even gone further, in the NY Times they ran op-ed piece called Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” by Ekow Yanka where he goes into outright racist attacks against whites, generalizing and placing all whites in one category, what is worse, he and others with his beliefs are teaching our children this. He states that real friendship is impossible without trust, but then when he went on Tucker he further defined this by saying if you were his friend and of any honor, then you would have never supported Trump, in other words his friendship is not based on personal held trust, rather it is held only if you submit to his set of morals and principles, he states, “History has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people in this way”, this alone may be right in the past, but one has to ask, is it true today. And what is his reasoning? Well, let’s look at what he gives as an example.

He states, “America is transfixed on the opioid epidemic among white Americans (who often get hooked after being overprescribed painkillers — while studies show that doctors underprescribe pain medication for African-Americans).” In other words first he is angry because the doctors are somehow underprescribing addictive pain medication to the Black American population, somehow that shows a racist bent, but what is worse in his eyes, he claims this, “But when black lives were struck by addiction, we cordoned off minority communities with the police and threw away an entire generation of black and Hispanic men.” One needs to ask, are white people the only ones allowed into treatment centers? Of course, that is not the case, but wishing to play the constant victim you see this narrative pushed to justify racist attitudes towards whites. The whole article is nothing but decisive and racist, but this type of thinking is supported by the racist left. If you are curious how I can come to this conclusion, then let’s look at this next.

Let’s take a look at articles put out by the racist left recently, you have articles like “Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism Is Real,” “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race,” “Can Black People Be Racist? Here’s Why They Can’t“. You had outrage from the racist left when a college erupted when black students demanded a day without white people, they found it inconceivable how anyone could be offended by such an idea. Right now there is outrage in UC Davis because someone dared to pass out flyers saying it was OK to be white, they found this racist, but don’t they say the same about being black? We hear of black pride, you have today NFL players saying they are protesting when holding up a fist of black power when they tackle a white player (one has to wonder, how would their reaction be if a white person held up a solute as you saw in Fascist Germany every-time they tackled a black player? We all know the outrage that would gather from this.

Now let’s finish this by looking at the definition of racism. Webster states:

Definition of racism

1:a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2a :a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
b :a political or social system founded on racism
3:racial prejudice or discrimination

The definition is rather clear, if you feel your race is somehow superior to another race, you are a racist, but the ones the racist left claims are racist, such as Trump and the others mentioned about, when I ask for statements where they ever said that whites were superior, for some reason they can’t show anything. They do refer to Trump’s statement where he said, “Mexico is sending us their rapists who are bringing crime and bringing drugs to the US, but one needs to point out the wording, the putting words in the mouth of Trump, and show the racist bent of the racist left. Trump at no time said all Mexicans were racist, he was correct in stating Mexico did send these people to the US, Trump never said anytime that all Mexicans were like this, but naturally, the press conveniently left that out as they screamed racism. Further, the building of the wall was not racist, what many don’t realize it is not just Mexicans that are crossing the border illegally, people from all over the world come to Mexico then cross into the US due to the lack of secure borders, the greatest numbers come from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Sadly today with the racist left, truth means little, the perception means more than the facts. The left has changed their origins, sheets and cross burning, for marching in the streets with Black Lives Matter chanting to kill cops, like days of old they still hold on to their hatred of Jews, well unless you are a self-hating Jew willing to denounce Israel, then you are fine (and before you yell and say this is not true, then why is it if you are a Jewish speaker, not even speaking of Israel, the left demands you answer for the actions of Israel? Do they do this to Russian Americans, what about Arab Americans, do they confront them with the evil that is being done in Iran, Saudi Arabia? Or the Koreans, do they attack Korean Americans for what North Korea is doing, we all know the answer to this, and this alone exposes their racism). The racist left has turned their racist bent from the blacks to the whites; they have not changed their sheets, just dyed them a different color.

Why is this symbol viewed with outrage:

Then why is this symbol approved of?

The racial double standards from the racial left need to be called out, I for one am going to start calling it for what it is, RACISM.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of whom you are, there is something wrong with thinking you are superior because of whom you are, but this is not what is coming out today. Instead, there is nothing but attacks against white people, and their only crime, the color of the skin they were born with.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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