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These Two Images Perfectly Illustrate Andrew Cuomo Flagrant COVID-19 Hypocrisy

These Two Images Perfectly Illustrate Andrew Cuomo Flagrant COVID-19 Hypocrisy

Conservatives — or really, any American to the right of AOC — have pointed out the coronavirus hypocrisy of a lot of our leaders. These “leaders” want us to believe this second wave of ‘rona is because of too many selfish people going to bars and church without masks and NOT the weeks of leftist super spreading events. Facts only coming first when it’s convenient

Case in point, Governor Chris’s Idiot Brother.

We start with this tweet, about the group Chainsmokers holding a concert out in the Hamptons. It was supposed to be a “drive in” concert so people stayed six feet apart. But you know how it goes, once the beat takes control and the DJ hits that drop, all bets are off. Sadly, someone there is a snitch ass little bitch and Andy is very cross right now.

Here’s the thing. This flagrant violation of social distancing protocols that is worthy of a full investigation was the day after this.

Side note, you know what is missing from both of these photos? Trump supporters. So when your dickhead leftist friends on Facebook claim the ‘rona outbreak is because of anti-science Trump supporters whining about masks, point to Manhattan and the Hamptons. The proper response to those friends involves the word “suck” and the word “it.”


But back to the hypocrisy, because while Cuomo is all wee wee’d up over the concert, he’s had nothing to say about the March for Black Womxn. When people say that you can’t catch the ‘rona if you’re protesting, it’s meant sarcastically. Either you can spread the ‘rona in crowds, or you can’t. Either social distancing is important, or it’s not. We’re either all in this together, or we’re not… and we’re clearly not. Because the buttheads in charge like Andrew Cuomo clearly don’t believe what they’re telling us. If they did, they wouldn’t arbitrarily enforce rules depending on what’s more politically expedient for them. Also, he’s a tyrant.

Americans have had enough and aren’t listening anymore. Not because they saw a meme on Facebook about masks being government control muzzles. Not because of a viral video from some rando in a lab coat. Americans are fed up because of the way our elected officials have abused the trust we mistakenly gave them. They think we’re stupid. Not all of us are.

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