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‘They Can Wait’: Ana Navarro Says White House Staffers Don’t Deserve Early Shot At COVID Vaccine

‘They Can Wait’: Ana Navarro Says White House Staffers Don’t Deserve Early Shot At COVID Vaccine

Ana Navarro said Monday that members of President Donald Trump’s administration should have to wait their turn for the coronavirus vaccine.

Navarro joined ABC’s “The View” to discuss the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine — which began over the weekend — and the conversation turned to who might receive that vaccine first.

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Cohost Sara Haines said that she was appreciative of the White House after President Trump tweeted that his staff members would not be getting the vaccine right away.

Joy Behar also noted that she could understand why people working in the White House might be considered “front line workers,” but Navarro disagreed.

“These are folks who have called COVID a hoax, who have downplayed it for months, who have held super-spreader events and continue to do so as we speak with White House parties,” Navarro explained. “They are folks who have laughed at and mocked scientists and those who wear masks, and all of them have gotten COVID.”

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Navarro went on to say that, because they worked with the president, they had been given access to the kinds of treatment that not everyone else might be able to get.

“I don’t think they should be among the first to get it because they’re not going to be there for much longer because they haven’t been productive, and because I really, you know, look. In just a matter of weeks, these guys are going to be, you know — they’re going to be trying out for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘The Masked Singer’ or gigs at Fox News,” she added. “So really they can wait along with the rest of us.”

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