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THIS IS CNN: Brian Stelter Is Super Angry at Tucker Carlson for Not Tweeting Vaccine Selfies

THIS IS CNN: Brian Stelter Is Super Angry at Tucker Carlson for Not Tweeting Vaccine Selfies

I feel bad for potatoes. Potatoes spend their life providing nourishment and being delicious. Then one day they find themselves constantly slandered by being compared to Brian Stelter. Potatoes are at least useful. CNN’s resident genderless potato head only seems useful at watching Fox News and crying about it. Stelter’s panties get particularly lodged up his rectum at Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Sometimes it’s because they remind him how much he sucks at life. Other times it’s because when they run into him at the bar, they insult him to his smug, spud-like face. But Sunday, he found the silliest reason to get triggered. It’s because they aren’t tweeting vaccine selfies.


STELTER: If Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity really loved their country, they would take a selfie with a needle in their arm. Don’t they know it’s not 100% effective unless you virtue-signal about it? I’m so angry about this I’m going to watch more Fox News to get angrier about this.

This was such an important point, CNN CHANGED ITS CHYRON!

Three things. One, the vaccine selfies are obnoxious and stupid. We get it, you made a medical decision. I made the same decision over the weekend and didn’t organize a photo shoot around it. I also don’t tweet photos when I have my annual proctology exam. But it appears your virtue is not sufficiently signaled unless you spend a week picking out the perfect outfit for your vaccine. Like CNN’s other resident douchelord, Jim Acosta.

Two, if you won’t get the vaccine until your favorite news personality tweets about it, save the appointment for someone who isn’t a complete retard.

Three, this is what CNN has turned into. A host of a cable news show complaining that hosts of rival cable news shows aren’t tweeting photos of themselves. Stelter could have talked about the horrible “60 Minutes” “reporting” or all the gun lies Joe Biden gets away with. Instead, Stelter is upset that Hannity to didn’t make a duck face and throw up a peace sign when he got vaccinated.

This — now, more than ever — is CNN.

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