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This Needs to Stop, No More Rioting, Looting, Killing, Enough is Enough!

This Needs to Stop, No More Rioting, Looting, Killing, Enough is Enough!

This nation has been rocked. People sit in their homes bewildered, the police that was supposed to protect them, they have their hands tied by the mayors and city counsels where they live, if you protect your business or your home, you are demonized by the very people that swore to protect you, our leaders have failed us, it is time to change this either by a vote this November or by force if necessary.

Our government is in place to protect us from enemies both from outside our borders and from within. Please make no mistake, people rioting, shooting at us, at the police, looting stores, burning down others, they are the enemies from within, it is time they are seen as and dealt with as such.

I am a fan of protesting, that is our constitutional right, a right to have our voices heard, but this is not giving a voice, this is giving into anarchy.

We have people kneeling in front of Blacks, crying, and apologizing for being racist. I say, “Get off your knees, they should only be bent to one, the almighty, if you want to make up for what YOU see as racism, then stop it and do something about it!”

Others are telling us the way to stop this is to pay the black community restitution. This is just stupid, first, who do you pay, and since my ancestors fought and died to free the slaves, should I get a pass? What about the blacks that owned slaves? Before the civil war, we can look at New Orleans: 50% of free blacks held at least one slave, the largest slave breeder; he was black, amazing how this is never mentioned, do their ancestors then join in paying restitution?

I got in terrible trouble one time in a debate over this. We had a panel of people at school; they spoke about restitution. I remember one of the members used to explain that ancient Egyptians were black; this brought up an idea. I asked him if Ancient Egyptians were black, he said they were, so I told him restitution sounds fine, but we need to clarify some things first.

I said we should have restitution, put it all in a kitty. Then pay all people enslaved, add interest to the payment and see where we stand.

Slavery started in the US around 1619, but what is never spoken of, these were not African slaves only, there were whites, Native Americans, Hispanics. The black slavery issue grew when people in Africa saw a chance to profit from this, tribes in Africa were raiding other tribes to capture people, then sold them into slavery, later the Arabs joined in, yet this is rarely spoken of, so should these people be forced to pay restitution? And what about the Native Americans, Whites, and Hispanics that have had ancestors enslaved, should they pay as well?

And what about people who’s ancestors migrated to the US after the civil war, why would any of them be held accountable, they were not here? Yet this is demanded of them.

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So let’s add these into the kitty as well, add interest, some of these were enslaved before 1600, so that should add up rather quickly.

But back to the Egyptians, this is where they got furious at me, I told them since Egyptians, which they said were black, enslaved my people for 116 years ending in 1313 BCE, so let’s add the 116 years since Egyptians were blacks, they say that all slave owners and their linage should have to pay reparations and do so with interest, which since this happened over 3,300 years, I think this will work out real good for us. But I don’t want to be seen as uncharitable. I offered them $10 each (I will admit, I was an ass, but I was trying to make a point).

Needless to say, the place exploded, I was screamed at as being racist, accusations were hurled.

I waited for it to calm down, then said, “This is the problem with this type of thing, you are asking me to pay for something I had no part of, neither did my parents, my grandparent’s, nor my great grandparents, so why should I, or anyone today be held accountable for this?”

I continued, “What was done was terrible, but how do you hold generations later responsible for what was done ages ago? It is illegal to hold children accountable for their parent’s debt; now you want to hold the great, great, great-grandchildren responsible?”

We have made restitution over the years to the African American community with social services, spent trillions to mate this community to the government, what we ended up doing was creating multi-generational dependence on the government, this welfare has destroyed the African American community, yet we did pay out trillions still each year. I would say the bill has been paid back many times.

They were still angry, but things calmed down.

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But to continue with the rioting and looting, the problem I have is while we are given a right to peaceful protest, we are not given the right to commit crime, terror, or setting things on fire. People are screaming that police are putting a stop to peaceful protests, but it isn’t the issue with peaceful ones, it is the fact that they tend to turn violent as the day goes on. If you are going to abuse a right, then that right is stopped until you start giving it due respect.

Saying you are fighting for equality with a pair of Nike shoes, you looted and a 70-in. TV that is not seeking justice. This claim is just an excuse for you to break the law.

Further, we are now told it is due to people being locked up in their homes. This is nonsense; they were waiting for something like this as an excuse. It is a pathetic excuse to act like a terrorist.

But I more blame our politicians. They swore an oath to protect us, now many of the Democrat leaders are sitting back and do nothing as their citizens are terrorized.

If this continues and the federal troops are not brought up to stop this and given the right to deal with these rioters as terrorists, then we need to set up our defense gangs. Not ones set up to break the law, rather aid in protecting both our property and that of our neighbors.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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