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Ties Exposed Between Black Lives Matter And Radical Islamic Terrorist Groups

Ties Exposed Between Black Lives Matter And Radical Islamic Terrorist Groups

While Black Lives Matter the movement and organization are two different things, they are so intertwined at this point; there is very little difference between the two. The most disturbing problem we see with the organization Black Lives Matter is the ties it has to Islamic terrorist groups.

We have watched the NBA and Baseball at this point move out of their way to give allegiance to Black Lives Matter, most of the players kneeling during the national anthem, all to show that they support Black Lives Matter and the terrorist activities it supports. It is high time we demand of the players and organization that they clarify if they support this Marxist organization with ties to terrorist groups or if they are going to denounce them and their violent bent.

What is more disturbing is not only the ties we see with Islamic extremist to revolutionary Marxist but that Black Lives Matter openly state that a revolution is their goal. Few in the US know of the Muslim extremist movement better than Robert Spencer, the author of Jihad Watch. In his new book, “Rating America’s Presidents,” Spencer revealed shocking details about how the two groups share ideology, strategy, and objectives, and how they actively work together.

“There is an alliance there and it is very real,” Spencer said. “A few years back during the Obama administration, Black Lives Matter operatives went to Gaza and got training from Palestinian terrorists as to how to carry out the kind of violence we have been seeing in America the last few months,” he asserted. “Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement that wants to destroy the U.S. as a free republic and establish an authoritarian state,” he said. “That coincides 100% with the desire to destroy the United States and establish the caliphate because they are both authoritarian states and Islam … lends itself to authoritarian rule.”

He notes that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is closely linked with the Muslim Brotherhood and has expressed solidarity with BLM and encouraged Muslims to join in the demonstrations. The Muslim Brotherhood’s own documents, Spencer reported, state it is dedicated in the U.S. to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house so that it falls.” “Now that,” Spencer says, “is imperative that you could just as easily put in the mouths of the Marxists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter folks.”

Spencer asserts that BLM is using racism in much the same way as have Muslim extremists and prior communist movement to discredit the U.S. “In the 1940s, Marxism was presented as the only answer to systemic racism in America,” he said. “[BLM] wants to exploit and worsen racial divisions and fan the flames of racial resentment to corrode the current societal and governmental arrangement so it will fall and they can replace it with their own. It is exactly the same strategy as that of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

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What is most worrying is that Spenser asserts that BLM is most certainly an international movement, one that is not only active here but is also strong in Europe where it is pushing its ideology to destroy the west, “Marxism is by its nature internationalist, so I am sure they are tied to groups outside the U.S. who wish the country ill.”

Spencer charges that corporations and sports leagues are supporting BLM’s ideology, which “would destroy the U.S. if it were heeded and implemented,” solely to protect short term profits. The league owners are of course not Marxists, “they just want to play and make a lot of money. But they know they cannot do that in America today unless they show support for these groups; otherwise their stadiums will be put on fire, they will be called racists and will be boycotted.”

What we have are many players in professional sports who don’t wish to be called a racist, so they go along with this. The owners do so because it is convenient at this time, just as we saw them refusing to condemn China because it may hurt their bottom line.

Yet the ties does not only go with the Democrats and Black Lives Matter, when Jeremy Corbin was part of the English Labor party, their “We support Jeremy Corbyn” Facebook page, with some 72,000 followers, is one of the largest and most important of the Corbyn support organizations across the world, yet this is operated by Hamas operatives. It is of interest that Facebook allows things like this to continue yet shuts down accounts that dare criticize Black Lives Matter.

It is simple appeasement, according to Spencer: “It was Churchill who said the appeaser will feed the crocodile hoping it will eat him last. And that is what we are seeing with these mega-corporations and sports leagues supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter.”

What we see are two conflicting forces, one is moving with sinister intent, it has ties to China, Russia, and other Communist states, it also has ties to radical Islamist groups because even though these are usually at odds with each other, they share a common goal, the destruction of the West, with the US at its core. It’s advantageous for them to work as partners.

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