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Tommy Robinson, A Glimpse Into America’s Liberal Ideal Future

Tommy Robinson, A Glimpse Into America’s Liberal Ideal Future

Tommy Robinson, a vocal critic of the current English government’s handling of problems with their Muslim population, covering up of reporting any news that may paint them in a bad light, was just released after being arrested and railroaded into prison with an overnight trial and then a gag order to shut up any reporting on the news.

I grew up like many hearings of the greatness of England, the land that was our mother country; it gave us the ideals of free speech, personal freedoms, rule by the people, even though they do have a queen, she is controlled by constitutional law, is more a figurehead then a ruling monarch. But today this is sadly no longer the case, England, a land controlled by the left, like much of Europe. This is the land that gave us the Magna Carta, spread the idea of freedom of speech around the world, today they are stripping this from their own citizens, all in the name of political correctness.

The idea of the liberal left is that any speech they find offensive, not only is it ok to throw one in prison without any evidence or plea; however, they actively then go along supporting this sort of thing; the fact of this is almost unbelievable.

So what exactly did Tommy Robinson do? There were child rape gangs in England, refugees from Muslim nations were setting up gangs to snatch girls, then pass them around to other refugees to be raped. There was a trial of this, the establishment in England did not wish for the refugees to have a bad name, even though it is only the refugees who were doing this when Tommy Robinson had in the past ran webcasts to bring this to attention, they threatened him with arrest if he did so again.

In this case, all he did was read on the sidewalk, he was not in the courthouse, the charges that were brought forward from an article on BBC; they brought the police, arrested him, then told the people they were releasing him, as they lied to keep his supporters in check, they rushed him to a court, gave him no chance for a plea, sentenced him to jail for two years, next quickly sped him off to a prison, so he would be out of sight.

What is more, while in prison, they move him from prison to prison, refused to tell his defense team where he was, then put him in a prison with a majority of a Muslim population, said he was under risk, so tossed him in solitaire holding for two months, it was then that his attorneys showed up and brought him before the English high court, who right away called this a travesty and demanded his release then and there.

And where was the liberal English press? It turns out, they were saying that Tommy Robinson deserved this, he should have kept his mouth shut, so they supported this travesty in court. What is more, since Tommy has been a vocal opponent of what the Muslim community has done in England, they find that due to his political stance, he was not worth protecting, so they said nothing.

I love it when he was released, when they tried to talk to him, this was his response.

However, this did not stop here, then Judge Geoffrey Marson — the British judge responsible of the matter — naturally did what any self-respecting progressive would do: he issued a worldwide gag order preventing “[t]he publication of [a]ny report on these proceedings.” Thus, any journalist reporting on this, if they were in England, or traveled to England could be arrested for violating this order. In other words, if you dare to expose this, we will throw you in jail with him.

What is not surprising is the mainstream media in the US said nothing of this, yet we all know if the roles were reversed and these were done to a progressive journalist, they would have had this as nonstop news, only to be interrupted to report on some meltdown they were having over Trump, in fact, would have blamed Trump for the arrest, then started to say that this was an impeachable defense.

If you think, this can’t happen here? I suggest you go to Virginia, go into the federal courthouse and look into the case of Mannifort right now; they are trying to push to crucify this man, why? They say in court he should not have had such nice things and lived so well, somehow that must be a crime now, what is more, he is in this position because he will not flip on Trump, so they are going to make an example out of him and do their best to destroy his life?

This is not a travesty of justice; this is an act of a group of people who are traitors to all our sense of justice holds dear. The right to free speech and protest in England is shut down; we see the first fabrics of this being ripped away from American society; I promise, if the left wins out control, what you saw stripped away under Obama, that is nothing compared to what the left has planned for us.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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