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A Tragedy of Injustice For America and the Kate Steinle Family

A Tragedy of Injustice For America and the Kate Steinle Family

The Miscarriage of Justice

In a miscarriage of Justice, a man, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who was convicted of multiple felonies, who has been deported already five times, was on a sidewalk on a beach in San Francisco when he discharged a gun that shot and killed Kate Steinle. He was acquitted on all charges yesterday with the exception of having an illegally held gun. Our hearts go out to the Kate Steinle family for the injustice of this verdict, we cry that the blindfolds of justice have been ripped away in the name of politics.

The whole problem with the defense and you could see this from the attorney’s speech,  after the acquittal of murder charges, even dropping of manslaughter charges,  said this was a case of a witch hunt for illegal immigrants, thus framed the whole case as the US against a sanctuary city, San Francisco.

We see right away Jose’s attorney, Matt Gonzales, who made this all about politics, but what we really had was the court refused to allow any mention of Jose Zarate’s past, his felonies he already had been convicted of, nor were they allowed to bring in and consider the six deportation’s that he already had. Seems once more we had politics being injected into the courts by activist judges.

What The Verdict Should Have Been

And here comes the issue: you can claim that he had no intent to fire the gun, or claim that gun supposedly fired itself, which with a gun that has not been discharged is impossible, the whole problem comes in that he should not have been there in the first place. In most states if you have lost your license, or don’t have it to start with, you get in an accident, you are guilty regardless of intent, you had no business being on the road. One has to ask, if this man should not have been here to start with, then why aren’t we treating this murder the same way?

Last, the sanctuary city status of San Francisco and California

This whole thing would have never happened if San Francisco would have held Jose Zarate for ICE, but rather then hold him or any illegal, they set him free, thus the crime was put in motion by their own doing. The family is suing San Francisco, and correctly so, but is this enough? I think even the withholding of some policing funds is not enough, the people of the city are the ones that vote to put these politicians in place, thus are flipping the bird to every American in the nation that believes in upholding the law, we need to be much more serious about this.

I think the US should look at withholding not only all policing funds they give to the city, but they should look at everything. I know this may be unpopular, but they need to withhold everything from EBT to SSI checks, school funds, everything. As a rule, I don’t like to see innocent pay, but when they and their guardians are the ones voting to put people like this in charge, show everyone that there is a consequence to be paid, I promise that if this happened the people would put a stop to this. We also need to put into law a right of the federal government to go in and replace a sitting government that refuses to comply with federal law, if needed go and remove everyone, put people in place people that will run their government until new elections can be held.

Tired Of It All

Am I overreacting, you bet I am, I am tired as hell over this abuse of power and miscarriage of justice. I for one am tired of this refusal to abide by the law, for some reason liberal states and cities think that while they demand all others abide by laws they love, they feel they are exempt from doing so themselves, it is time to nip this and do so in such a forceful manner it never happens again. And for you that scream this could cause a chasm, I dare to say it is already there.

The family of Kate Steinle, my heart goes out to them. I am not sure if a case like this happened, and the life of my child, who is my life, was taken, and the city and the people refused to allow justice to happen if I would not go and seek it myself, starting with the politicians. We have seen once more while the left claims to care about the people living under them, they really don’t, they care more about illegals whom they think will bring them votes than the actual people that voted for them. When is American going to wake up and throw the rest of these useless politicians, people like Dianne FeinsteinNancy PelosiChuck Schumer, Governor Brown and the rest of the useless fools? I personally am tired of it, don’t feel like being civil, or that they even warrant the respect of being treated in such a manner, all they have done to date is show they think their party and principles are more important than this nation, I am getting to the point that I even question their loyalty to this United States.
This miscarriage of Justice has me furious, it should have every American who believes in Justice equally furious as well.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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