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Traitor – Giving Aid To The Enemy, The New Face Of The Left

Traitor – Giving Aid To The Enemy, The New Face Of The Left

Traitor, what a terrible name, but the definition of this sure meets the description of many today. We have people from Hollywood, former Obama cabinet members, CIA directors, all from just one party, that are so full of Trump derangement they are willing to turn on this country and give aid to the enemy rather than stand up for the president doing what was needed.


Definition of traitor

1 : one who betrays another’s trusted or is false to an obligation or duty

2 : one who commits treason

The progressives showed up in mass to protest the killing of Soleimani killing in over 70 locations around the US, they are so filled with hatred for Trump that they have now tried to make this terrorist a person to look up to.

Hollywood stars that openly sided with the Iranians, made up excuses for their traitorous actions, but frankly were willing to give aid and comfort to the enemy rather than give credit to Trump for doing a great thing, here we have more traitors.

We at 0censor support free speech, but like everything else, there are consequences to speech, with this, we should boycott everything these stars are part of, why are we enabling these Hollywood elites to continue to have power and wealth so they can keep with their seditious ways. I, for one, will never give another dime to any of them by visiting a theatre where their newest movies are playing, none of us should.

Maybe it is time we took a chapter out of the Progressive playbook, start boycotting all products of manufacturers that are supporting them, let them for once see that there are consequences for their treasonous actions. We should never give our money to traitors.

But things did not stop here, and that should not be a surprise, you had former Obama officials like Susan Rice running around saying the last administration would not have done this. That should not be a surprise, considering you had Kerry and others from their administration during the Trump presidency conducting backroom negotiations with Iran to aid them against Trump, a direct violation of the Logan Act.

Guess that CNN and others ran to Kerry’s defense should be a surprise, they said that the Logan Act was old, over 250 years old, so they tried to make an argument that it had no bearing on events going on now. I find this amusing; maybe this is why they think the constitution and the rights afforded to us by it are outmoded as well.

Others, like Colin Kaepernick, have turned this from being a move to stop further bloodshed and save American lives to making this all about race. One should not be surprised, this man has done nothing but play the race card, all while attacking this nation that allowed him to make the millions he made and gain fame while doing so.

Not being satisfied, the left then proceeded to get the people out to march in support of Iran, against Trump. They were screaming that Trump was trying to push us into war while ignoring the fact that Soleimani had a hand in the deaths of hundreds of Americans and thousands of our allies. This does not even include the tens of thousands of Iranians that he helped kill. In their delusion, they would rather turn traitor and protect our enemies instead of supporting our need to halt them in their tracks.

I would have to differ with Ed Markey, it was the actions of the last administration, appeasing, rather than holding Iran responsible for their actions that have brought us to this stage. They were feeling encouraged that they could attack Americans with impunity, and nothing much would happen; Trump has shown this is not the case.

Instead of passing Iran pallets of cash in the dead of night, Trump said you strike Americans, we will find who is responsible, and drone strike them; this is the new Trump Doctrine.

People marched as they take part in an anti-war protest at Times Square. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

One has to wonder, the outrage over if this strike was legal or not, was there ever the outrage when Obama was using drone strikes in record numbers against people he had on his hit list? Where Americans, that admittedly gave aid to the enemy and fought against our forces were killed with no due process? I personally could have cared less, the declared us the enemy, thus got their just rewards, but the standard now has changed for the left.

We saw during the Obama administration an Iran, flush with the billions Obama handed to them become bolder and bolder, expanding their influence around the Middle East, all while attacking US assets. During the last administration, nothing was done, we were afraid to strike the bully when they attacked least they dare to fight back.

Today we are standing up to the bully, we are standing up for ourselves, just like many in schools did years ago. I remember when younger, had dealt with bullies in the past, found that to do nothing encouraged more bullying, but stand up; it stopped in a hurry, the bullies were cowards.

It is no different with Iran, they don’t want to see all they have done destroyed, that is why when they start something with Israel, Israel strikes them and does so in such a forceful manner, they know to back off, or Israel will come back and hit them even harder. This is what you do to a bully in the playground and on the world stage.

You stop a bully by showing there are consequences, is there a chance that this could escalate? Naturally, there is, and if it does you continue to strike much harder back, sooner or later the bully learns to stop or end up a bloody heap on the playground, it is the same here.

Trump is doing the right thing, the Democrats know this, but rather than admit this, they are going to attack, they can’t have a perception that Trump is doing the right thing, they would instead turn traitor than supporting this nation as they should.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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