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Traitors – I Used To Think Democrats Were Misguided, No Longer

Traitors – I Used To Think Democrats Were Misguided, No Longer

When I was younger, Democrats and I, while we didn’t agree on all aspects of our dream for a better America, we had enough in stock so we could share a common bond. While the differences were there, they were not insurmountable in connecting with each other. This is something that was seen in the halls of Congress and the offices of the Senate building.

Not so much any longer.

Today we are told that we as Americans, we live such a decadent lifestyle, we need to scourge ourselves, put foreigners first, well, unless you are politicians, Hollywood elite, or a billionaire – you are left out of this equation.

We have people like Ilhan, Rashida, and AOC that castigate us for being filth, living in a corrupt society, we need to destroy what we have now, to build something they have dreamed up in their deranged minds. These people are traitors to everything America used to hold dear.

This is a message that is clashing with the rest of us Americans who find this nation a thing we should be proud of. While we know our country is not perfect, it is the fixing of those imperfections, sometimes by sweat, other times by blood that makes this nation what it is today.

It used to be if a Republican or Democrat was looking at America, they saw their constituents, they did elect them into office, not so much any longer, today many on the left have nothing but contempt for their constituents, if you voted for them, but voted for Trump, you are nothing but a deplorable, one that should be appeased during election time, ignoring the rest.

The problem today is there is nothing in common, we are told that having pride in this nation, patriotism, that is a sign of allowing ourselves to revel in our privilege. If we dare question such things, we are told the only reason we question is due to our deep-seated racism; if we looked within, we would know this.

What is more surprising, the left now will accuse anyone, does not matter their race or religion, well almost, one religion is left to their aims, Islam, the rest are looked at with suspicion.

Here lies the problem, our representative’s job is to represent us, we the people, yet this is not the case any longer. You have people like Joe Biden, who is loyal to the Chinese. Pelosi and Schumer – that would be foreigners that should not be here. We see in New York they are more loyal to their criminals than to law-abiding citizens. They take away their guns, the right to defend themselves, then to reward them, they open up the prisons and let the convicts loose. To place our citizens in such a place of need, this is not the actions of a patriot; rather, something you would expect out of traitors.

When we went through conflicts with Iran, these very politicians, the ones that wish to lecture us on patriotism, they went behind this administrations back to try to work out something Iran. Iran was not the only nation; they did the same thing with the Palestinians. For some odd reason, John Kerry, who today is nothing but a citizen, he has no authority to speak for the US, he was jet setting as if he was the secretary of state.

This is giving aid to the enemy, nothing more. This is not the act of patriots, rather traitors.

There is now evidence coming out that Ilhan Omar lied to come here, you have foreign entities from Muslim nations saying she is a plant to push their agenda on this nation. She surely is not a good Muslim, she married her brother, or maybe she is, the Muslim world has the most significant amount of incest and genetic issues in the world. If she is found aiding nations that are not friendly to the US, we should look to her as we have all the other traitors in history.

The divide no longer is like it was in the 1970s or ’80s, this is more a fight for the very life of this nation. We are faced with two separate views, this is no different then what was faced between the US and the old USSR, the difference, that enemy came from outside this nation, wanted to destroy us to gain dominance, this enemy is from within, but has the same goals.

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It used to be we could look to Europe to aid in this, to give a bond of unity, today it is not that way. France, Germany, Belgium, even BritIt used to be we could look to Europe to aid in this, to give a bond of unity, today it is not that way. This progressive world view controls France, Germany, Belgium, even Britain, although I would say England is the least controlled. We are now finding East European nations, who are less guilty of their “privilege,” they have not yet given in to hating themselves; these are the ones we are increasingly turning to in friendship.

The The press is the worst enemy there is; they lie, make up stories, go none stop to any length to attack and try to destroy Trump. They will side with our enemies if it means they are taking the opposing side against Trump. The accusations never stop, and they are not only directed at our president but at all of us who dare to support and voted for him. At this point, I rarely turn on the liberal news and see patriots, more like traitors, the whole lot of them.

This upcoming election and ones after this will continue to be a fight for the life of this nation. One defeat is not going to quell these traitors from within, the question is, “Who will tire first?”

I need to finish this stating I don’t think this way of all Democrats, but you will not get me to budge on this with the far-leftist activist, the progressive left and the leadership that is pushing them.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Rawhide

    The author states that AOC lied to get her and that she married her brother. It wasn’t AOC, it was Omar that lied to get U.S. citizenship, married her brother, was married to two men and the same time. And yes all the democrats in Washington are traitors and a lot of state governors as well.

    • user

      Thank you, that was missed, appreciate you pointing this out, fixed it.


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