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Transgender TikTok User Accuses Baby Of Being Transphobic

Transgender TikTok User Accuses Baby Of Being Transphobic

An angry transgender TikTok user posted a video in which they accused a baby of being transphobic. The user also claims she/he made the baby cry by verbally berating him over his transphobia.

The individual in the video accused the baby of preferring that she/he wear a wig to make herself look more feminine.


The TikToker said, “I have talked about the transphobic baby at work before. I went in a room with him today, and I had my wig on, which I took off now because it is like 9 o’clock at night.”

“He didn’t cry, and he was like, babbling at me, and I had a look at him and like, do you like now because you’ve had a moment? Or do you like me now because I have long hair and look more feminine? Because then you’re more transphobic.”

“Then he started to cry, so that was my answer,” the TikToker said at the end of the conversation.

According to Teachers_Exposed on Twitter, the individual in the video is a preschool teacher; however, this has not been confirmed.

LGBTQ Nation sought to defend the poster when some Twitter users accused the individual of being mentally unstable. The group said that the video was just a joke. “The fact the video-maker is completely joking has completely gone over the right-wingers’ heads,” LGBTQ Nation said.

“Babies can’t actually be transphobic. When a baby acts calm and happy or upset and sad has almost entirely to do with their emotional state rather than their (likely non-existent) feelings on gender identity. In fact, the Mayo Clinic has said that babies don’t even recognize their own or other people’s gender until somewhere between the ages 18 and 24 months,” they added.

Notes from the Editor

This video was not a joke; you have an LGBTQ activist trying to play the victim to show that even babies are transphobic. When this was shown, the group LGBTQ Nation had to scramble to cover this because the poster and their cause ended up looking like a bunch of idiots.

This is as silly as the anti-white crowd trying to say babies are racist. Babies know nothing of sexuality, nor do they care about race. They live in the moment. In a case where someone is scolding them, they respond to the voice, most likely have no clue what the person is telling them, only that their voice sounds cross. This is why you can talk with a happy voice to a baby, then say the same thing, but in a sad voice or scolding tone, the baby will cry.

We used to be a nation of grown-ups, who understood that life was not easy, but you rolled up your sleeve and went to work to correct what you could, ignoring what you couldn’t. Today we are a nation of whiners and victims; everyone thinks they are oppressed, ignoring that most times it is their actions that people respond to, not them as a person.


Our young adults come out of college thinking the world cares about their feelings; it doesn’t, they only care what you can contribute, and if you do enough of that, they may listen to your feelings and opinions, but not many care.

We have turned from a nation of great men and women into one of wimps and babies.

There is only one way to deal with this, which drives these activists obsessed with their feelings crazy. I try to be nice, even civil, but when I have had enough of their emotional breakdowns, or their claims of racism, transphobia, I find the easiest way to shut this down is to tell them, “I don’t care!”

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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