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Trump Administration – ICE Will Start Removing Millions Of Illegals Next Week

Trump Administration – ICE Will Start Removing Millions Of Illegals Next Week

In Trumps usual fashion of notifying people of a policy direction change, he tweeted this week that ICE would start next week deporting millions of illegal immigrants, causing foes and friends to question how this will be done.

There is estimated to be between 12 to 21 million illegal immigrants in the US, the number is not known, trying to get a accurate account is near impossible. The Majority of these are from Mexico or central America.

To try to ease off pressure on our own border forces, Mexico agreed earlier this month to allow all asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their case has been processed. The Trump administration is trying to put into effect any illegal that crosses into the US seeking asylum will be automatically refused, they have to make such an appeal from the border, not pass and then make it. This is now being challenged by various groups in court.

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The agreement with Mexico included them pledging to send National Guard Troops to cut off the immigrants from reaching our border, this was done to stop the threat of Trump imposing tariffs on Mexico products.

Trump also said in the tweet that Guatemala “is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement.”

Guatemala has not publicly confirmed talks that the State Department said were taking place in Guatemala, nor has any details of these talks been released.

Mexico has also agreed that if within 6 months its moves are seen as unsuccessful, they too will enter into negotiations with the US to sign a Safe-Third Agreement.

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