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Trump – America’s Gift To The World

Trump – America’s Gift To The World

When Trump won the election a year ago the world took in a collective breath, many wondered if America had finally lost its place of leadership it had held for so long. Powers to be in the established world order looked at Trump as a fluke, knew if they could contain him then they would hold off until he was gone and another president more like them would emerge, but things aren’t working out the way we hoped, and all of us can be thankful for this.

Prior to Trump with Obama, even Bush’s and Clinton you saw the world slipping into globalism. The nations beat themselves up for all the wrong the West has done for so many years, sought to drastically overthrow the traditional demographics of their nations, they also were in a hurry to pass off the great wealth the West had obtained over the last 250 years to the third world nation.

Everything was going according to plan, they had written stories to drag the ignorant masses along, presented wealth redistribution as a fight against global warming (The Paris Climate Accords), they were set to have the US as the richest pass trillions of its own wealth off to third world nation, they said it was for the climate and the press pushed the stories until the people actually believed it.

Naturally both the Bush’s, Clinton and Obama were proud of the fact that we were passing off trillions of our dollars, the Paris Climate Accords would have forced us to pass about $100 million a year to lesser nations in the hope that they would create a more green environment, but they were in no way obligated to do so, but they wanted so much more.

They then decided that the best plan for giving away US wealth was paying billions each year for the UN, an organization that each year has become more and more anti-American, attacks our allies, and has despots and flagrant human rights violators sitting on panels that were lecturing us on our lack of human rights.

In a shocking move to the world Trump won the election, the first thing he did was eye deals that he termed, “Bad for America”, the shock of it all, how dare he openly expose their designs to give away our wealth to other nations, to destroy ourselves in the name of progressive ideology. Their ire then grew when Trump said no more with the Paris Peace Accords, they are worthless, eyed other deals he viewed as bad deals, said either fix them or we will pull out.

Then the shock of all shocks, Trump actually did what was others before him promised, rather than allow the world dictate to the US what our rights as a nation should be, in recognition and movements of our embassy to another’s capital, he shocked the world by openly declaring that Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jews was the capital of Israel, that we would move our embassy to the city, plans are in the works now.

Naturally the world went into an outrage, the UN which we contribute more money to its operation then all the other nations combined, they moved to disrespect us and try to tell the US we couldn’t do such things, Trump responded the way he should, he vetoed the security counsel’s resolution, so the UN then called a general assembly (basically a large assembly with the nations that can condemn but do nothing more).

Then Haley took it to the UN the way it should have been done, she told them if you vote against us, we will take names and remember. Trump then added to this, said enough was enough, if you wish to vote against us then we will take this in mind when you come with your hand out for money, the US will save billions.

So what has this president done this year while the whole time under attack by the press, the left and even many within his own party? Why not look at what he has done.

• President Trump has signed 13 Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions in his first 100 days, more than any other President. These resolutions nullified unnecessary regulations and block agencies from reissuing them.
• Since CRA resolutions were introduced under President Clinton, they’ve been used only once, under President George W. Bush.
• The Wall Street Journal editorial: “So far the Trump Administration is a welcome improvement, rolling back more regulations than any President in history.”
Trump in his first 100 days signed 30 executive orders during his first 100 days. In comparison other presidents signed:
• President Obama signed 19 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President George W. Bush signed 11 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Clinton signed 13 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President George H.W. Bush signed 11 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Reagan signed 18 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Carter signed 16 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Nixon signed 15 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Johnson signed 26 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Kennedy signed 23 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Eisenhower signed 20 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Truman signed 25 executive orders during his first 100 days.
• President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed 9 executive orders during his first 100 days.

A SLEW OF LEGISLATION SIGNED: Despite historic Democrat obstructionism, President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman.

And this was just in his first hundred days, in that time and since he has removed a record number of regulations, many of them put in by Obama that was stifling and strangling our economy. As Trump has struck these away we saw our stock market explode since his elections the Stock Market responded with glee, it was finally having the shackles by Obama stripped away, it responded by setting record after record. Our economy jumped to over 3% growth, something it never did under Obama. Unemployment figures were the lowest we have seen since Clinton’s administration, and if they keep going could challenge any president’s numbers over the last 100 years. Yet the left keeps crying and yelling over what they see as the “destruction” of our nation, I say it is more a halt to the destruction they were trying to implement.

We have also seen a tax plan put in place for next year that brought about instant results, within hours of it passing the many large companies started saying they were either going to give out Christmas bonuses or pay raises. Overseas the nations that have drawn our businesses and offshore cash are reacting in panic, they know this is going to quickly bring these nations that left to keep themselves competitive, not having over a third of their cash assets stripped from them, they are going to start bringing this back, could be in the trillions.

What we have seen is just the beginning, the tax bill just passed, it could over the next year raise the economy to 4 or 5% growth, Americans will see money returning in their paychecks, as the economy grows so will competition for employees, thus seeing the first time in years salaries grow back to the rate they were during the Clinton or Reagan years.

If this happens you will see the desperation of the left grow, the one thing they fear more then anything else is that Trump will succeed in a way that they can’t hide. If the economy takes off, the GOP would be wise to put in every add that it was the DNC members that did not give one vote for the tax plan; like the GOP threw all their dice in one game over the belief that the tax bill would succeed, the left did the same that it would fail.

So far the left has excused every positive move as mere propaganda, but if this snowballs, they will not be able to explain any of this away. The left has also thrown in their lot with not showing how they will make this nation better, rather they have rejected the middle class, moved to be activist, trying to redo the demographics of this nation, for it is better to give to needy illegal immigrants and hope their kids will vote for you then to try to convince the average Middle Class American why raising their taxes, infringing on their liberties and religious freedoms is a great thing, they have given up on this.

I personally feel that 2018 will mark a downfall for the DNC, they will find as this Russian investigation yields nothing against Trump, they will grow more shrill in their attacks, you could see a full-scale uprising if Trump wins the next election, more so if they find in the polls that the American people are once more outright rejecting their ideology, they will following the old socialist playbook try to take by force what they could not by deception.

In the end, they will lose, the average American is not an idiot, they will over time, in spite of the onslaught of fake news, see the left for what they are. I predict that in 2018 you will see the ratings for news organizations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS drop even further if the economy takes off, you may find the majority of Americans will reject their moves outright by shutting them off.

Unlike many, I look at the next year with anticipation, the fight against liberal tyranny is not something I fear, I relish the fight. I look forward to carrying this fight with all of you forward, have dealt with the fights already. We have seen our computers attacked, attempts to wipe out hard drives and files, three computers have already paid the price, could not figure out what was going on, found out the hackers have hacked into bios because they could not get through to files, so they have destroyed the computers from within.

I also think as the year gets on, in 2018 you are going to see a mass movement of Trump type figures in Europe as the people get tired of listening to themselves being attacked for being evil by the leftist elites. The press will react predictably to this, but in the end they will find like we did, the Europeans will say nothing, then vote in a way that will shock them.

I also feel that Europe will explode in violence, as they start to look within to stop their backward slide, they have over the last 10 years changed their demographics, have allowed these people to riot, attack, rape and molest, have said nothing least they be labeled racist or Islamophobic, this will end, and as we have seen all over the Middle East, when Muslims are no longer allowed to push and threaten, they will explode into violence. I also sadly predict that 2018 will be the start of eternal wars within Europe as they fight for their identity and the direction of their nations, not all will make it.

But we in America will survive, we did the right thing putting in a president who has the gull to stand up to the establishment, point out their hypocrisy and point out their lies. We will succeed, it is due to us waking up and seeing what the left had in mind, I have faith that in spite of the power pressed against him, Trump will succeed, his desire to reshape this nation to what it once was, a leader of the free world, he will not only succeed, but do so in a spectacular fashion, I am just happy to be part of this historic time.

The left is going to fight, the liberal left will tell us this is hopeless, we will never succeed, I look at this as a challenge, we will fight them in the trenches, over the airwaves, on the net, for to give in will be to admit defeat, which I am unable to do. I know you  all will succeed and we all will  “Make America Even Greater!”

To you that are looking to give this Holiday Season, we ask that you look to us. Our stance in supporting conservatism, refusing to cave into Islamic pressure, daring to share what is true, even if it is not politically correct has brought us under tens of thousands of attacks. We have lost three computers due to hacking, they shut down the computers by changed bios, this either shuts down or destroyed the computers, have erased hard drives, and tried to use access denial tactics to shut down our service. We have had threats directed at us, not that this would ever stop us, the truth is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. If you believe as we do, and wish to have continue to have a voice that is willing to do this, we ask that you remember us this holiday season. 

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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