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Trump and Twitter

Trump and Twitter

Trump and Twitter

We have by now see the tweets by Trump, the outrage by the left of the press over them, calls from both sides of the aisle that Trump should have his Twitter account shut off. The left is outraged because they know Trump has a means outside of their control to reach followers along with the rest of America, the right doesn’t like it because like the left they feel they have no control over the messaging, nor can they understand not first having canned speeches out with all already figured out, instead we see policy and thought fluid and changing laid out for all to see. 

I think one of the best things to watch is the angst the press shows over Trump’s use of Twitter. They howl in indignation that they are left out, that he uses Twitter to reach past them to the American people, more specifically his followers, and can speak to them unfiltered by the press, it is just driving them nuts. They have specials where they delve into the problem of this type of thing, you have talking heads on the liberal press crying out that they are not given the keys to his messaging. Others cry out as they did during the election process that Trump is not giving them any control over the messaging, he was releasing breaking news over their heads, no news site showed more concern and anger over this than CNN.

This is what brought on this story, I was watching a special on CNN over Trump and twitter, they tried to dig deep, to bring psychologist in to look at the deep hidden meaning behind his twitter use, to show that somehow there must be a psychological reason for this, who knows, maybe Trump is having a psychotic episode, how else could you explain such things, they simply have never been done before. In the show they were speaking with representatives from Twitter, trying to see if he had experienced pressure to shut down Trumps twitter account, and he had, in fact, faced immense pressure to do so, then asked why they didn’t shut down his account because Trump, in their opinion, violated multiple times the terms of an agreement in how to conduct one’s self with Twitter, they even contacted Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter about cutting off Trumps access, naturally he was very none forthcoming with them. Seemed no matter what that reporter tried, he could not get twitter to stop. 

You could see the angst they reporter and others they spoke to as they felt at a loss over Trump’s ability to bypass them, and here was the genius of Trump displayed for all to see. Trump knew the greatest way to reach Americans was in short speeches, precise phrases, where we saw his attitudes and opinions change daily, rather than a canned speech after his mind was made up. The press was confused by this, but the rest of us saw this as proof that he was fallible, capable of change, and was not afraid to change direction and head off in a new direction.

The political world did not like this, they used to stand with prepared speeches in front of the press at podiums, had aids and other leaders of Congress around them, they would read solemn speeches, they would with sad faces condemn Trump, before they were done with their speeches Trump would be on Twitter exposing them, calling them obstructionist, fake news, liars and a waste of resources and time. When questions were allowed, and during the speech the reporters would be watching their phones for the Twitter reaction would shoot up their hands and confront them with what Trump had said, their carefully laid orchestra was failing before they even finished the tune, for they had not prepared for his reaction, it was given in real-time. 

It was even funnier when Trump used Twitter to expose the press and the left. He would leak things, or at least have his underlings do so,  would sit and watch Pelosi, Schumer or others on the left with pomposity blast him; they would not even finish before he would reveal that what was released was a lie, that the left leadership nor the press even bothered to do basic fact-checking. Trump in one fell swoop exposed the bias within the leftist news. 

The press started to hate him worse they already did, soon you saw outright anger and hatred displayed by the press for all to see; the greatest display of this was on election night, you saw the press start the day of almost giddy, polls and all they knew, after all they had told the people for the whole process that Trump did not have a prayer of winning the election, in the morning they started off with stories that Hillary could possibly win in the biggest margin of victory ever.

As the day wore on you could see the gloating turn to concern, as the returns started to come in, concern to shock, as they started to see state after state fall to Trump, shock to panic, and by the end of the night, they had mass crying, Jones said this was a Whitelash, somehow, the very people who just the day before said Trump would never face a reality of the elections, he would have his people on the streets to protest a Hillary win, they were faced with the same reality they had projected on another. 

And did they do as they said Trump and his supporters should do? Of course they didn’t, they supported marchers in the streets crying out that Trump wasn’t their president, you had reporters after the shock start to attack, CNN became so biased they actually had their own executive under tape admitting they would rather ignore breaking news and focus on Trump, it aided their ratings, something that was dismal for all the press, especially the left-leaning ones.

So what did CNN do, they doubled down, you had their White House reporter decide that he should instead of reporting the news, he should create it. Jim Acosta, who in my opinion is more a hack than a reporter, he thinks reporting the news is being an activist, claiming to be a victim in front of the TV, when confronted with Facts will not deal with the facts, ignores them when they are not convenient. Here is a briefing where Trump confronts him:

Rather than sit back and figure out a way to report on the news without injecting himself into the news, you saw Jim Acosta double down and make CNN less and less relevant as a news source as he tried to act like he was the news, rather than reporting it. 

We see why Trump went to Twitter, he did not tweet because it was such a joy to do so, he did it because the press was so corrupt they did not even bother to hide their bias, you had anchors on the major news sites openly saying they were working to make sure Trump never got elected, thus were throwing their fate in behind Clinton and the Democrats. Instead of reporting News unbiased, when reporting during the elections Tapper kept screwing up and saying, “WE” instead of Hillary needs to win the election:

Last, you have when confronted over fake news and reports given by unnamed sources on stories they had run, they would get angry when someone dared to ask for sources,  we had CNN go into a meltdown when Trump’s own man asked them for proof, you saw anger when confronted with facts, the reporter went nuts.

There is one more thing that is not bad in any way; the traditional outlets, the old Stallworth of news, ABC, CBS, NBC, along with the printed news that even dates back further, the old gatekeepers of the news, with their open bias exposed, they have shown that this way of getting the news is dead, the internet is the new news medium, it gives us the ability to look through multiple sources, many times at the same time so as to sift through the obvious political bias coming from both sides.

We saw the same attacks from the radio news when TV first went to air, radio had experienced it before the TV broadcasters had with the printed news, each had to either change with the times, or as we saw years ago, died as they were not quick enough to adapt to a rapidly changing world. As we go through this transitions the old will fight once more as their predecessors had, they need relevance in a world where they are rapidly losing it, there is nothing more dangerous than something fighting for its very life, and that is what they are doing now. 

Twitter provided a way for the president to reach the people, years ago we saw this same type of thing with Roosevelt and his fireside chats. Many Americans at that time had never heard any president speak, Washington was some faraway city where things were done, they over time would feel the effect of it, but like the city of OZ it seemed off in the distance.

A magical place one heard about but never saw, then radio changed that perception, the president was able to come on once a week, Americans already apprehensive of a world rapidly changing, he started speaking directly to Americans in the banking crises of 33 and carried this tradition on through his presidency, Americans would sit around the radio knowing that Roosevelt was speaking to them, he had their interests and security in heart, the press listened just like the people did, they reacted to these ‘chats’, then wrote about the reactions to them.

Oz still could not be seen, but you sure could hear it. Then TV came along, we went on with the natural progression of things, Oz no longer was only heard, we for the first time got to see what the emerald city looked like. 

Trump has done the same, he figured out the best way to reach the people was to bypass the news at the time, just like Roosevelt bypassed the printed news in his day. He found a way to touch Americans, let them know that he was talking to each and every one personally, the press naturally listened in. The Tweets soon were headline news, Trump was not only meeting his base on their own turf, he was upsetting the powers to be, the great keepers of the news, he had gone to the side of them and drove his Trump Train right through the fence, reached out to all the people directly, the press suddenly found that the control they had, it was fading, that is why you see the reaction now. 

It is little wonder why Trump went on to use Twitter, I for one say, “Mr. President, you not only need to continue to use Twitter but use it more, bypass the news until they can show they will report the news in an unbiased way. The fact that CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and others like NY Times are offended and frantic makes me think it is imperative that he continues, we at least are getting the news without political slant.  If they can’t adjust to this, then let them meet the same fates as the old.

I am no fan of Slate, find their news impossibly slanted, but there was one article I read from them that was an excellent expose that explained this history, it was named “Don’t Touch That Dial!”, went into detail the resistance in each new way of reporting the news met by the older established way, we are just seeing this again. 

In conclusion we will see resistance, we will see it from the press, no company wants to think it is losing relevance, from the people that looked to the TV all their lives, change is never accepted easily by the elderly who are set in their ways, but change is coming, we can either embrace it, or as I have always said, if we don’t, we will most likely be run over by it.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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