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Trump Fans Turned a Village People Classic Into a MAGA ANTHEM. It’s Awesome!

Trump Fans Turned a Village People Classic Into a MAGA ANTHEM. It’s Awesome!

Some things need to be seen to be believed. This isn’t as dope as MAGA Steppin’. And I’m not entirely sure what a Trump Unity Bridge is. I do know that after watching this it’s clear the Biden supporting rioters just got served.

I’ve never been a dance music guy. It dates back to junior high school when some friends got into disco and I made the life altering decision that if it wasn’t metal it was crap. Ricky Rebel’s “American Rebel” with the guitars turned up is more my style. However sometimes when you just feel that beat in your soul, you just want to throw those hands in the air.

I haven’t always been the most staunch Trump advocate, but I have been an advocate that the right needs to focus more on art and creativity. Politics being downstream from culture and all that. Donald Trump as president has inspired a LOT of creativity on the right. More importantly, inspired a lot of creativity from people who you wouldn’t assume would be on the right in the first place. It’s been fun to watch for the past four years, because I’m fairly certain President Jeb! Bush wouldn’t have caused the same reaction.

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