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Trump – Fraud or Foreign Policy Guru?

Trump – Fraud or Foreign Policy Guru?

We have all been subjected to the ridicule, told we are stupid to have any faith in what Trump has done concerning foreign policy wise has any rational direction nor will any results ever been seen from them. His inexperience was floated as his most significant flaw, the lack of knowledge of how international affairs, lack of political niceness to our enemies was sure to bring on a war, yet this is all doing now precisely what Trump wanted. 

Of course, we had the news sites start up, you had the Washington Post yell that President Trump escalated a war of words with North, CNN came out with Trump administration’s mixed North Korea signals raise questions about US strategy, Newsweek posted TRUMP AND KIM JONG UN ARE ‘CHILDREN PLAYING’ AT WAR, FORMER TOP U.S. INTELLIGENCE OFFICER SAYS, New York Times tried to play stupid with Kim Jong-un Called Trump a ‘Dotard.’ What Does That Even Mean? And PBS asked, “Does Trump’s war of words with North Korea inflame or deter?

There were many more, but did a few are interesting a page full annoying articles gets old in a hurry, but the story was the same with all of these stories: Trump was reckless, his lack of understanding of diplomatic niceties was going to inflame the situation further and make the possibility of nuclear war more and more possible. For some odd reason now North Korea is offering to come to the table and speak with Trump himself, is not asking for any concessions before we do, and has put total nuclear disarmament on the table. 

Naturally all the liberal press is refusing to acknowledge that Trump doing what no president has ever done before him, sitting down face to face with a sitting North Korean dictator is any of his own doing, in fact many are still claiming that Trump has not yet accomplished anything, but if he could pull this off he would be deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize, and this time, unlike with Obama, he will have actually accomplished something. Who knows, maybe it will start to take the tarnish off the prize after they gave it to Arafat and then Obama for doing nothing. 

We had Trump first tell NATO that we were tired of supporting them while most of their members refused to contribute their fair share towards defense, the US would pull out if they could not honor their commitment,  again the left howled about this, many posted that Trump was an ignorant moron that had no clue what he was doing, yet not long after he got commitments from almost all the members to commit at least 2% of GNP towards defense spending, once more CNN and others were forced to eat crow as Trump forced what he was pushing for, yet with a rather unorthodox fashion, but the bottom line, it works. 

Nixon had his China, Trump may yet be recognized for forcing peaceful relations with North Korea and forcing NATO to start protecting themselves, and this does not include our improved stance with China, the refusal of Trump to be drawn into the lefts fantasies about Russia, I would say that Trump instead of looking like a chump is more and more starting to look like he is putting his “Art Of The Deal” to international relations and things are getting done. 

Now I would love to take a moment to update you on Silent No More. We have had some donations come in, for that I am indeed thankful, we are pushing and right now asking if people can help by donating at least $300, we will take care of the rest to bring in a firm that will aid in awareness so more get to know of this, the website is being designed, but like all things, this like 0censor takes time, it needs to come on line without a bunch of glitches. I have worked with clothing embroidery organizations and silk screening printers to bring out hats, bumper stickers, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and even jackets, these should all come online when the website opens. 

We can make a difference, as I said before if you can’t give, then look at what you can help with, maybe making others aware of the program, everything helps. We are in a life and death struggle for the soul of this nation, one that we can’t afford to lose to the far left or many of the freedoms we hold so dear will be up for grabs, I for one find this worth fighting for not only for myself but my child and his children and their children as well, this is not a fight for a policy, this is a fight for our legacy!

Here is the charitable giving site.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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