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Trump Officially Kicks Off 2020 Campaign

Trump Officially Kicks Off 2020 Campaign

In Florida last night President Trump officially kicked off his reelection campaign Tuesday night in Orlando. The president spoke against the “fake news,” “socialism,” investigations into his administration, the Democrats running to replace him, former President Barack Obama and the Clinton family in the marathon speech, which lasted well over an hour.

The first half hour of his speech he spoke out in defense of his supporters, then called into the question the 2+ year investigation into his administration and the continuing attempts from Congress to continue this.

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“The Democrats don’t care about Russia. They only care about their own political power. They went after my family, my business, my finances, my employees, almost everyone that I’ve ever known or worked with, but they are really going after you,” Trump said pointing at the audience. “That’s what it’s all about. … They tried to erase your vote, erase your legacy of the greatest campaign and the greatest election probably in the history of our country.”

While this was touted as an official launch of Trump’s official 2020 election campaign, he has been holding rally’s and campaigning since he won the election, one could argue this was more a cosmetic dressing for something that was already going on.

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Trump’s 2020 campaign has been ongoing for some time. In an unusual step, the president formally declared his intention to run for reelection on the day he took office in January 2017. Many have argued his rally’s, that is very much a continuation of his 2016 rally’s has not stopped since then and has kept his eyes, along with his supporters on the 2020 election since the day after he took office.

The official kick-off of his campaign in Florida was no mistake, Trump and his team have looked at Florida as a must-win state.

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Trump touted the economic performance under his administration and reminded his base of his commitments to expanding the military budget while curbing abortion and illegal immigration. He also told his supporters that by giving him more time in office, he would push forwards progress towards curing cancer, fighting or eliminating AIDS in this country, and laying the foundation for American astronauts to finally visit and land on Mars.

“We are going to keep on winning, winning, winning,” Trump said.

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