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Trump Set To Declare A National Emergency And Build The Wall

Trump Set To Declare A National Emergency And Build The Wall

In a move that shows why the GOP was kicked out of control of the House, we are now dealing with a budget bill full of poison pills in the Democrats attempts to stop the wall from going up. Trump has had enough, the word is now out that he will declare a national emergency and free up over $8 billion to build our wall.

We held the GOP accountable for this in the last election, players like Speaker Ryan had the ability to push for the wall, instead, they were too weak to get anything done, in spite of controlling both houses. The Senate was not much better, but at least obstructionist like McCain, Flake, and others are now gone, but we have this replaced by a crowd of new useless ideologues in the House. It is due to the inactivity of the GOP in the last Congress that Trump is now faced with declaring a National Emergency.

What we now are facing is exactly what we will see until the elections of 2020, the House, now controlled by the Democrats, moving to obstruct in every way they can whatever Trump is trying to do. They know the one way they can pull Trump out of the White House is to bring this economy down, to make sure he gets nothing done. But Trump with the National Emergency Act has a ace up his sleeve, the DNC can fight this, but they will lose, but they can hold this up.

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Now you may say that this is just silly, why would they want to bring our economy down, but I ask, what do you think AOC’s Green Deal is? Every expert has stated it would destroy this nation, it is undoable, but it is what is supported now by the press and much of the new members coming into congress.

AOC and her supporters know that this has a snowball chance in hell of being implemented into law, but they want the vote to bring out their opposition publically. The New Left, with the likes of AOC, Rashida Tlaib. and Ilhan Omar is leading the rush, they are presenting this new Socialist utopia of an idea, bringing all their anti-Semitic luggage.

At this point it looks like what is going to happen is with the 1.6 billion given towards securing our border, Trump will have the ability to start work right away, he will then declare a state of emergency, free up money to do more of what is needed.

As is reported in NBC News:

A Trump administration official confirmed Thursday night that the president will announce around $8 billion for a border wall under executive actions, part of which will be the emergency declaration.

That figure includes $1.375 billion in the spending bill for fencing in Texas; $600 million from the Treasury Department’s drug forfeiture fund; $2.5 billion from a Defense Department drug interdiction program; and $3.5 billion from a military construction budget under an emergency declaration by the president.

Pelosi and Schumer have said this is not an emergency, but I must ask, was it any less of one when Obama declared a national emergency and set in motion DACA? Where was their challenge then? So please President Trump, declare your National Emergency!

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