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Trump Supporters with Proud Boys Brawl with Counter-Protesters On The Streets Of DC After MAGA March

Trump Supporters with Proud Boys  Brawl with Counter-Protesters  On The Streets Of DC After MAGA March

Members of the Proud Boys and counter-protesters repeatedly clashed on Saturday in Washington, D.C. after a march in support of President Donald Trump.

D.C. saw hundreds of pro-Trump supporters gather for another “MAGA March” opposing the results of the 2020 election. While most appeared to remain peaceful, the event was ultimately overshadowed by the violence that followed between two opposing sides looking to cause trouble.

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The Proud Boys were at the event to protect the marchers; something we saw was needed as the evening came upon the marchers.

In the end, the group would partake in a series of vicious brawls across downtown D.C., countering attacks by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, according to reporters on the ground.

As you can see with a video from Daily Caller, one side is no longer willing to allow Antifa, BLM, and other radical liberal groups to attack them without responding back.

The Proud Boys, who started off mingling with Trump supporters, became tenser as the day ticked by and the sun began to set.

Eventually, a large number of the Proud Boys and other Trump supporters mobilized and marched towards BLM Plaza, aiming to find members of the left-wing group Antifa and drive them out to stop attacks. This marked the start of a cat-and-mouse game between the Proud Boys and counter-protesters, who also arrived on the streets of D.C. ready for a fight.

The counter-protesters clad themselves in black bloc and donned fighting gear that typically included helmets, shields and face masks. The Proud Boys, on the other hand, appeared to opt more for batons and their fists. The combination resulted in a bloody night on the streets of D.C., with four reported stabbings, according to The New York Times.

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Other injuries occurred amid the fighting, and reporters on the ground saw faces bloodied and people disoriented following scuffles. Both groups taunted each other throughout the evening, amped up for the physical altercations.

At least one of the stabbings against a Trump supporter appeared to kick off a fight between Proud Boys members and a counter-protester near the popular conservative bar Harry’s, reporters on the ground noted. The Trump supporters and Proud Boys responded after a counter-protestor stabbed the supporter, but it ended with arrests and multiple people injured – including at least one police officer who fell down while trying to break up the situation.

As police continuously tried to prevent clashes between the opposing sides, already-high tensions kept rising. Counter-protesters, Proud Boys, and Trump supporters alike redirected their frustration towards the police, who would stand in a shoulder-to-shoulder human barricade and keep the groups separate.

At times, tensions boiled over. Proud Boys were repeatedly seen getting physical with them – counter-protesters, meanwhile, were seen doing the same thing. Officers covered in the protective gear used batons, bicycles, and pepper spray on both sides to keep the peace, but this often wasn’t enough to disperse the crowds, even as the air filled with spice from the spray.

The police presence in D.C. seemed to fuel the Proud Boys’ anger towards counter-protesters, and they spent the evening looking for ways around police barricades to no avail. At one point, hundreds of Proud Boys met downtown to regroup, where they burned a “Black Lives Matter” banner that was reportedly stolen from a local church.

Another event on Saturday saw an all-out battle between counter-protesters and the Proud Boys on a street downtown that had not been closed off to vehicular traffic. The two groups brawled out in the open as cars drove past, with each side taunting the other and physical fights breaking out. Police were nowhere to be seen for this incident, eventually arriving several minutes after the fighting began.


As the night continued, the Proud Boys continued to hunt throughout downtown, marching around in search of Antifa. While some fights continued to break out, the heavy police presence prevented the potential for much more violence, and both groups began to tired as midnight rolled around.

According to the NYT, the violent day and evening in downtown resulted in at least 23 arrests, the mayor’s office said. Six people face charges of assaulting a police officer. And while the two opposing sides eventually trickled out of the streets, the police remained, at least for a little while longer, driving around downtown to reopen roads for Sunday drivers.

I would say the days of Antifa and BLM attacking Trump supporters with no reprisals are over; either they will stop, or things will rapidly escalate.

While we support peaceful protests, we don’t believe one side is given the right to attack, assault, stab the other side and they have no right to respond.

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