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Trump taken to Walter Reed to Undergo Further Treatment For COVID

Trump taken to Walter Reed to Undergo Further Treatment For COVID

President Trump has been taken to Walter Reed to undergo further Treatment due to COVID symptoms. We know that his wife, which also has COVID, has not gone with him, has stayed in the White House residence.

At this time, we know that Trump would not be taken if there was no need, but we can’t determine if his condition has become worse or precautions are being taken before it does.

President Trump is expected to stay a couple of days in Walter Reed, but has not yet asked for the 25th Amendment be invoked.

This is a video from when it happened, we will update with new video’s or news feeds as we get more evidence.

We will continue to update as more information comes in.
Donald and Melania Trump test positive for COVID, both have gone into quarantine, but Trump remains active as President.
With Trump announcing he and his wife have COVID the left wasted no time before going on the attack, some even wishing him dead.

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