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Trump Visit To Civil Rights Museum Rejected by Black Leadership

Trump Visit To Civil Rights Museum Rejected by Black Leadership

In a move that should not surprise anyone, Black Democratic leaders in the US decided that to protest Trump not allowing open borders, allowing amnesty to every illegal in this country, and his refusal to give in to pressure from the domestic group that should be designated as terrorist, Black Lives Matter, they decided to boycott the opening of their Museum of Civil Rights. Of course, they yelled that he did not have enough African Americans in his cabinet, then refused to address Dr. Ben Carson, ignoring the fact that he is African American since he was not a liberal, since he will not go along with their excuses they seem to think he doesn’t count.

In addition to Dr. Carson, they seem to ignore that Ambassador Halley is from India, he has numerous Jews on his cabinet (so much for their supposed anti-Semitism garbage, he is the least anti-Semitic president we have ever had). And let’s not forget Elaine Chao and the rest, but then facts don’t matter to the ones that want to play the perpetual victims.

Trump decided when he came to office he would appoint whoever was best qualified  (race, ethnicity or religion had little to do with this),  if everyone  was  white, male, female, Jewish, Muslim, or anything else, that was immaterial, he was not interested in quotas, he wanted the best, that is all that mattered. Naturally, the left went crazy on this, how dare he not be concerned about optics, but he isn’t, he is, as with most businessmen, only concerned about getting things done, the rest is immaterial.

So, when he put together the government, he didn’t care if there were only blacks or only a few as there is now, he knew the best way to help the African American community was not to throw them crumbs while demanding their allegiance, he knew if he could get the economy back on track, bring back jobs to the US, this is what would help. These communities would see a drop-in unemployment, they would benefit by upward mobility as those living in the ghetto’s or less affluent parts of town could move up and out of those areas. Simply put, the best way to help anyone was to give them the ability to help themselves.

I wish I was surprised but can say that I was, today this is the modus operandi of the DNC and the Black leadership within it. The left did not show up when Trump visited the Museum of Civil Rights came as no surprise, these people are more interested in optics then results.  Many of the civil rights leaders today must promote racial divides to push the two sides apart, if they did not, they would be out of a job. We saw Martin Luther King Junior fight against segregation, today we see radical left students demanding this, this is more revenge-minded then anything else, wanting to pay back what they see as rightful, yet ignore the fact that many of the very people that fought and died for their right to be free, they would be punishing their offspring.

Have to say, when you make up 13% of the population of a nation of 350 million, trying to oppress over 70% of the population because of what happened in the past, you don’t get revenge, you risk pushing things back the way they used to be. Such a move could backfire in a terrible way.

We see with the left, the Black Democrat Leadership as much as all the rest, truth and facts have no meaning to them, if they use them then out of context to push victimization, they will, but the victimhood they claim while accusing the rest of America of having “White Privilege” would fall apart if they had to deal with the truth, but as I said earlier, it is optics in the claim of being victims, not the reality that they are aiming for. The press and the left aids in this, we see talking heads on TV and in the liberal press pushing this narrative, as my father used to say, “They have lied so long they believe the lie they are telling.”

I dealt with this earlier in another article named “Is America Racist?”, as with much of the claims by the left, when you start to research you find the claims and the reality are in conflict. There is more where I deal with the Black Left, their hypocrisy, expose the lies they are telling, rather than go over this again, suggest you read “True Nature of Black Lives Mater Exposed”, we see that their true intent is not peaceful coexistence, rather playing the victim.

How sad for this nation, we saw once more how a moment capable of starting the healing of racial divide tossed out for political posturing. A divide that was increased drastically by Obama, widened even more by the #FakeNews. The ones claiming to be the victims are actually the perpetrators, yet the talking heads keep yelling about a false narrative. America, it is time to clean up this swamp!


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