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Trump Keeps Winning As The Left Attacks!

Trump Keeps Winning As The Left Attacks!

With the Impeachment, and the constant attacks from the left, most presidents would find themselves frozen in place with their administration doing little but trying to defend themselves, but this is not what Trump is doing.


One of the things that Trump has done, and has done it silently, is shaping our judicial for years to come. The Left made noise over this during the 2016 election and now that they see the real change Trump has done with the aid of the Senate in changing the complexity of our federal courts, they are starting to fall into a panic mode.

To date, Trump has seated 2 Supreme Court Justices and turned the highest court more to the right then it has been in years. But his most significant change is the Court of Appeals under the Supreme Court.

He has placed 50 conservative judges, in the United States Courts of Appeals, with another two waiting to be confirmed. When Trump can appoint 60 Judges, which is not far off, that means that he has replaced over 30% of the benches with judges more concerned about the constitution and the rule of law then social activism.

That is a great thing for America. At this time, he is sitting at over 25%; there are only eight more seats to replace to reach this goal, something that will change the complexity of the courts for years.

In the lower courts, where the Judges sitting on the Courts of Appeals are drawn from, Trump has placed 133 judges, he currently has another 30 waiting to be voted on, and two that have just been nominated.

Trump is on pace to be the greatest president in our history in changing the complexity of the courts.

What is of note here, the total seats that can be filled stands at 870, Trump has filled up to now 133 and he is looking at another 50 to 70 positions. He could, during his first term, fill over 20% of the seats in the Federal Courts, and if he wins a second term could easily be looking at between 35 – 40% of the seats filled by him; if he continues at his current pace.

We have seen what activist judges have done to try to obstruct what Trump has done and this rapid replacement by Trump is going to render many of them powerless. This is why the party which has for years used the courts to force their political agendas on the nation, things they could not win by votes, are seeing this unelected force being stripped from them.

Trade Treaties

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In spite of the Press blacking out that Trump has forced both Canada and Mexico to renegotiate a new NAFTA agreement, one that did not leave the US at a disadvantage, this win has been met with silence from the Left. Still, the people who are experiencing the rewards are seeing the results by an increase in both wages and jobs.

The Press in Trump’s first year said his moves with both Mexico and Canada were going to send our economy into a tailspin, yet the opposite happened. On September 30, 2018, Trump signed a new treaty that was far more equal and favorable towards the US then the last treaty was and our economy has been booming because of it.

China is still at the negotiation table, but now this is looking like a trade deal could be signed by next year.

Trump knows our economy is doing great. He does not need to allow China to pressure him into a deal as they are the ones that need it far more than we do. Until they are willing and ready to agree to an agreement that is advantageous to both sides, nothing will be done.

Last month even though the two sides were not negotiating, China eased off on Tariffs and then tried to put pressure on Trump to come to a deal. Trump said there were main points that China was not budging on, so maybe he would put off talks until after the 2020 election was done

This caused panic with China, whose economy is already shaky due to the trade war, so now they are back at the table.

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With our economy roaring, the Stock Market is up. Unemployment is now at record lows, the press and the left know the only chance they have at winning in 2020 is to continue the nonstop attacks against our president.

This impeachment will pass, but we all know the Left will take a day or two to lick their wounds, blame it all on the GOP and then look for the next thing they are outraged over. I fully expect another impeachment trial as we approach the elections next year as they are this desperate to rid themselves of Trump, yet all he does is continue to win.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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