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Trump’s Attorney Raided, More Overreach By The Special Counsel.

Trump’s Attorney Raided, More Overreach By The Special Counsel.

We all heard the news yesterday, Trump’s attorney was raided, files were taken, looking into something, anything that they could throw out against Trump, the Special Counsel office is showing the danger of not controlling them. There is a considerable overreach here, when Stormy Daniels came out with this nonsense, not that most of us care, this was long before Trump ran for office, and last I checked he was self-financed in his campaign at the time, how exactly is this misappropriating campaign funds?

What you really have here is there is no collusion, that is what the Special Counsel office was put in effect for, so now they are off fishing for whatever they can find, one has to ask, if no collusion was seen, that was the mandate they were brought in for, then why is not the investigation done, it should be finished, findings should be released and the investigation over, but this is going off on a route it was never intended to go.

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If I were Trump, and I said earlier that I would not support calling an end to this, I would do so now, this was put in place for a specific task by Congress, they have already said they found no evidence of Trump colluding, if the FBI wishes to look into possible campaign finance laws that were broken, I have no issue with this, but this is not what the Special Counsel office was set up for. Further, it has gone beyond just this, they now want to look into possible donations into a charity by Trump from foreign powers, what does this have to do with any of the election, and if they are doing this, then why haven’t we heard anything of them doing the same with Clinton?

There is one other matter that is bothersome, and like Alan Dershowitz, I am equally troubled by the breach of attorney-client privilege, to seize all material from an attorney’s home, let alone Trump’s personal attorney, the attorney to the president, is without precedence, more so if no crime has been shown. And like him, I ask, where is the ACLU, if this had happened to Obama’s attorney we all know the outrage that would be voiced by them, the national grandstanding would be all over the news, but this biased leftist political hack of an organization shows their true colors by saying nothing. What is more, by cooperating with the special investigator’s office, this is how they deal with you; I would halt all cooperation at this time, if they want something, let them get it by warrant if nothing else shows what a witch hunt this is, this does.

But there is more; we now see that our right to converse with an attorney and know that this is held in silence, this is now broken, why would anyone be honest with an attorney if you know the FBI can seize all the material regardless of your right and will have access to everything. At this point Trump’s attorney would be wise to advise all cooperation with the Special Counsel office stop, I would go to court, put an injunction on all material seized, have a judge go through Trump’s attorney files to make sure Attorney/Client privilege is upheld.

What this has done is gone into a witch hunt, it is time for Sessions and Trump to call it done, if the Deputy AG is behind this, then it is time to rid him from the whole process as well. What you really have is a fishing contest, the left still has not come to grips that Trump won, so they are doing what they can to discredit, the fact that our economy is up, our unemployment is at the lowest figures in 17 years, African American unemployment is the best in over 40 years, this is making them very unhappy, Trump is doing a great job, this is their worst fear.


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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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