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Press Silent About Success of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Press Silent About Success of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Immigration, the one thing that when Trump took power, the press scoffed at, called his wall racist, said we should have open borders, demanded that we open our country as a sanctuary nation.

If there is one thing noticed about the press, they are so hell-bent on their determination to destroy Trump, they will not report on any successes he has had, and what they are forced to report on they go out of their way to give credit to someone else.

What they will not tell us is that illegal crossings at the US-Mexican border have almost stopped after Trump demanded that asylum seekers stay in Mexico until they have their U.S. hearings, according to a report by The Associated Press; thus we see the success of Trump’s Immigration Policies.

According to them, in the Border Patrol’s Yuma sector in May, arrests hit 14,000. By October, they had fallen 94 percent, or around 800, and have stayed there since, making Yuma the second slowest of the agency’s nine sectors on the U.S.-Mexico border.

There have been multiple reasons for the drop we have seen recently. Anthony Porvaznik, chief of the Border Patrol’s Yuma sector, said the Migration Protection Protocols had been a massive deterrent, this is based on interviews by agents with illegals that have been arrested.

“Their whole goal was to be released into the United States, and once that was taken off the shelf for them, and they couldn’t be released into the United States anymore, then that really diminished the amount of traffic that came through here,” Porvaznik said.

Border Patrol Agent by wall going up in Yuma Sector.
Trump’s Immigration Policies Result in the wall going up in the Yuma Sector

The Tuscon sector saw a rise of arrests, but this had more to do with activist challenges and Democrats putting roadblocks in the way of the border Patrol being able to implement Trump’s Immigration Policies. Porvaznik attributed Tuscon’s spike due to the policy’s late implementation there.

According to FOX News:

Over 55,000 asylum-seekers were returned to Mexico to wait for hearings through November, 10 months after the policy first took effect in San Diego.

The immigrants were from more than three dozen countries, but nearly two out of three were Guatemalan or Honduran, according to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

Critics have said the policy was unfair and exposed asylum-seekers to extreme violence in Mexican border cities, where attorneys could be difficult to find.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups asked to put the policy on hold during a legal challenge. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Oct. 1 and has not indicated when it may decide.

This past Tuesday, critics won a separate lawsuit when a federal judge in San Diego said asylum-seekers being returned to Mexico from California deserved access to hired attorneys before and during critical interviews to determine if they could stay in the U.S. while their cases proceeded.

In Yuma, asylum-seekers have been held in short-term cells until space opened up to be returned to Mexicali through a neighboring California sector.

We can see that Trump’s Immigration Policies are working, the Democrats wanted this to be kept quiet with the impeachment process going forward, the last thing they need are reports of the success of Trump’s policies.

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