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Trump’s Israel/Palestinian Peace Plan, Radical New Idea Or DOA?

Trump’s Israel/Palestinian Peace Plan, Radical New Idea Or DOA?

We have grown to see this as part of a passage of holding the presidency of the US over the last 50 years, a creation of an idea to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but one has to ask, with all this effort, why hasn’t any of these great ideas succeeded yet to date?

We did see during the Carter years the peace process between Egypt and Israel, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, two hard-lined leaders of Israel and Egypt, who grew through war and violence, were willing to lay down their hostilities towards each other to create a peace process, on that has lasted to this day, so what is the deal with the Palestinians?

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Jordan followed, during the Clinton years, when both nations signed a peace treaty, King Hussein of Jordan and Yitzhak Rabin, two leaders who had also lived as sworn enemies most of their lives, had fought and watched men under them bleed and die fighting each other, yet they were also willing to lay down their arms and find a way to peace; so what is the deal with the Palestinians.

Are these two nations in a perfectly peaceful relationship with Israel? No, there is much tension, but neither of these nations have a stomach to fight another bloody war with their long time sworn enemy. Do the people agree with the moves of the government, this answer should not surprise your, but the answer is a overwhelming, “No!

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One has to remember, with a large population of Arab displaced population, ones that claim to have fled Israel, although very few of them are actually alive any longer, Jordan in polling show only 8% of the people think that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state, yet these two were able to make peace, even if it is a uneasy one.

Egypt is better, they have grown from an openly hostile nation to Israel to one now that show 60% of Egyptians want to keep a treaty in place with Israel, they have little interest in revisiting the hostilities the two nations used to know. But this support of Israel by no means shows support of the country. There is a popular show where people are called on set in an interview, then a person playing that they are a Jew come up and start interviewing them, this many times soon goes into chaos as the interviewer is attacked, guest walk out, all due to their hatred of the Jewish people.

Yet in spite of this, both of these nations for well over 20 years have lived in peaceful cooperation with Israel, so why can’t the Palestinians?

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Part of the reason is due to two reason, the continuation of a fake narrative, the second reason is the inherent belief that even though all signs point to them loosing, they feel if they continue to hold on, Israel will mysteriously disappear, they will then take all the land.

What is meant by a fake narrative? This is the claim that somehow the Jews stole this sovereign state, Palestine, from these Arabs, yet the facts are, there has never in all of history been a sovereign nation called Palestine, so how could a non-existent nation have been stolen?

Even the whole Palestinian narrative is built on fiction, when you ask for historical evidence of a sub-group of Arabs with their own distinct culture and customs, that self-identified as Palestinians prior to 1900, no one can answer, one has to ask, why is this? I get more into this with the article: Palestinians: What is Fact, What is Fiction.

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We hear also hear that we need to satisfy these people demand due to Israel stealing their land, but one has to ask, “If you never held sovereignty, how exactly then could you have had sovereignty stolen?” The answer to this is no sovereignty was ever stolen, they never held it, nor was the land stolen, when you start to do historical research into this claim, you quickly find out it, like their historical claims is built on a fiction. I don’t wish to get into detail with this, but have written a three-part series on this: Did Israel Steal the Ancestral Home of the Palestinians?

One can then ask if there is no history, no evidence that these people ever held sovereignty over the land, why then are we trying to work to make it possible for them to have a sovereign state? Further, why or how can they lay claim to another’s capital? This I have to say is the most confusing, if they never held sovereignty, then by what right do they have to lay claim to the Capital of another? Do they have any historical connection to the city? One of the claims is Mohammad visited the site; there is one glaring problem with this claim, the place they claim he visited, it did not exist until over 60 years after his death. I get more into this with The Palestinian Claim to Jerusalem.

If there is no claim, then why do we do this? There is a humanitarian point that needs to be made, one understands that the way things currently are, it can’t go on like this for all time, Israel would over time implode, thus they need a fix to this.

This fix is something that we have seen multiple US leaders, Arab leaders and others try to put a peace process in place, yet each and every time they have tried, they ended up with nothing to show for it.

So how is what Trump offering different from every attempt in the past? First, at no time did anyone say that the only way forward was to put in a government first in place that ensured the rights of the people. The other part offered was a massive influx of money if the people meet certain qualifications.

We have ourselves given billions to this in the past, but very little of it reaches these Arabs, instead we put it in the UN, ask them to take care of this, soon the funds are gone, yet nothing was done.

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Trump’s plan omits the UN, this is the best thing he could do. The UN today is no friend of Israel, we see nothing but attacks against it while ignoring everyone else. Human rights groups within the UN ignore the atrocities of the Syrians, ISIS, and other dictatorship, yet only one nation is the sole focus of the UN, that would be Israel.

So how can this succeed when everything else has failed? One of the things aiding in this is from Arab pressure. In the past they have supported the Arabs in Israel as they made every move they could to demand more until they knew they couldn’t any longer, then walked away.

Today some of the nations are telling them, if you take, we will open our coffers, aid in you developing your country to becoming a prosperous nation, but if you refuse, our funding you have so grown used to, we will and can cut it off.

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If we can get the Arab nations to unite in this, to threaten to cut off aid if the Palestinian Authority does not accept working with Trump, we may for once see more then a superficial movement, we could for the first time see movement towards a agreement.

Right now the largest roadblock has and continues to be Jerusalem, but if all funding is cut off, or at least threatened to be, the Palestinian Authority will have little choice but to give in to this demand.

So can this succeed, guess time will tell, but if the Arabs join in a unified, or at least a majority of them join in supporting Trump’s proposal, then I see this as the greatest chance ever to have a deal.

We hear that Trump has no clue what he is getting into here, sees everything through the eyes of money, but I must ask, “What have all the others before him accomplished?” Maybe we should give this a chance and see what happens.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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