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Trumps Policy Of “Maximum “Pressure” With Iran Working

Trumps Policy Of “Maximum “Pressure” With Iran Working

The Democrats and the press may not like it; this is why they are sitting in total silence concerning Iran, we now see the pressure put on Iran is working.

This week Iran has come out and admitted that they had killed over 1,000 anti-government protestors. Protests against the theocratic regime are growing in both numbers and frequency as people start to push back at the leadership for the economy and embargo they are falling the effects from due to their leader’s policies.

“As protests continue in Iran, security forces may have killed over 1,000 people who are calling for an end to the country’s dictatorship,” U.S. Special Envoy for Iran Brian Hook told reporters recently.

The continued corruption and oppression of the Iranian people are causing these protests, while the bite from American sanctions have worked to further this anger as items are no longer accessible.

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When Trump pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal due to Iran’s belligerence, along with their secret work to continue the development and testing of nuclear-capable rockets.

Not to mention, the whole agreement was deeply flawed to start with and would have done nothing, other than delay, Iran’s quest to be a nuclear power by a couple of years.

Trump pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal, something that both the Europeans, along with Obama and his administration are still upset over, now we are seeing fruits of what he was trying to do.

Iran took the billions that Obama sent to them, started to send massive funding to their terrorist proxies around the world, with greater emphasis on the ones in the Middle East. This is all now all gone due to the financial crunch Iran is going through due to Trump’s sanctions.

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The reaction was predictable, members of the past administration, under Obama, took this as an epic failure, Trump had already undone much of Obamacare, Obama’s critical first-term accomplishment, now he was working to destroy the most significant achievement of his second term in office.

Within days, a pair of Stanford University political scientists were saying the Trump strategy was destined to fail. Abbas Milani and Michael McFaul (who was Obama’s ambassador to Russia) said: “Patriotic Iranians, including those opposed to the autocratic regime, are now likely to rally around the flag.”

They were correct in the beginning, patriotism in Iran did rise, people did rally around the flag, then gradually the sanctions started to take effect, the people noticed small things at first.

As their shelves dried up, goods the people were used to now were not accessible, and the government continued to be involved in wars, this quickly turned towards resentment as they saw their needs give way to supporting foreign entanglements.

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Last month, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: “Iran is experiencing one of its hardest years since the 1979 Islamic revolution. We have never had so many problems in selling oil. We never had so many problems in keeping our oil tanker fleet sailing. Without money, we cannot run the affairs of the state.”

So what kicked off the current mass riots and protests? It was the decision by the Iranian leadership to ration gas and increase prices by as much as 200%.

Much of what we are now seeing is a repeat of the last revolution, at least in the early stages of that revolution. People are angry, tired of the oppressive regime, like last time there is a superpower supporting the government, last time it was the US, today it is Russia.

An unprecedented wave of protests swept across 719 locations across the country. Not only did the regime murder protesters – it sought to cover up its violence by stealing corpses from the morgue and abducting injured demonstrators from hospitals. Thousands of others wound up in prison.

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Oil exports for Iran have dropped from 2.8 million barrels per day before the US withdrawal from the Nuclear Deal to around 400,000 barrels a day over the last couple of months. China and Syria, the leading importers of Iranian crude, may not even be paying in hard currency any longer.

Iran’s currency reserves are almost out due to they can’t sell oil for Dollars or Euro’s. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) estimates Iran’s reserves will drop from around $100 million last year to $85 million this year and could go as low as $68 billion next year.

We have heard that Trump’s policies of sanctions are not helping, but as we see with Iran, they are aiding in our fight in a mightly way. Places like China will take longer, they are many times the size of Iran, yet the Chinese to are started to feel the bite of these sanctions.

Next time someone tells you that Trump’s sanctions aren’t working, point them to Iran, point out the issues China is now experiencing, these Sanctions are a great thing, they are working, Iran is now quickly becoming a failed state.

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