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Tucker Carlson: Riots Are ‘Designed’ To Destroy ‘Our System Of Government’ And Remove Donald Trump

Tucker Carlson: Riots Are ‘Designed’ To Destroy ‘Our System Of Government’ And Remove Donald Trump

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Thursday that the protests and riots that have erupted across the country are “designed” to bring down America’s system of government and remove President Donald Trump from power.

“What we are living through right now despite what people have told you is not a local problem. This is a national crisis. The riots are designed to produce a national result: the destruction of our system of government and the removal of Donald Trump,” Carson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

He urged Trump to act now, to show leadership, or else he is in danger of not being reelected. “When you refuse to fight for the system you run, you are done.”

“People expect a president to respond to a moment like this to fix it and they have a right to expect that. The president runs the country,” he said, adding that if the rioters came from Saudi Arabia, it would be clear that the rioters were terrorists attacking the United States.

“Within hours, the feds would be hunting these people down and arresting them. If these rioters were white supremacists, they would already be in prison facing life.”

Carlson encouraged the Justice Department to round up the “leaders of antifa tomorrow along with every single person caught on camera torching a building, destroying a monument, defacing a church, and put them all in shackles and then frogmarch them in front of cameras like MS-13 and call them what they actually are: domestic terrorists,” he insisted.

“Not protesters, not civil rights activists, not CNN contributors, but domestic terrorists.”

While noting that virtually all Americans will support protesters, “Most people don’t like terrorists. Terrorists will never be popular even among Democratic voters.”

The Fox News host argued that the American “system is weak” and is refusing “to defend itself.” He cited how the mayor of Seattle sat back for weeks and allowed protesters to take over several blocks.

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