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Tucker’s Family Targeted At His Own Home By Antifa

Tucker’s Family Targeted At His Own Home By Antifa

Antifa is now starting to move to terrorize reporters and politicians in their own home, this has now escalated to the point that Tucker’s own wife said they were screaming outside their door while someone threw themselves at their door, cracking it.

I must ask, what would have happened if the Antifa members had broken down the door? We may never know the answer to this, thankfully the wife hustled her kids off to the cellar, locked themselves in thinking it was a home invasion, but it could have turned out much worse.

The question comes up, when are we going to start to call Antifa what they are, a domestic terrorist group and start to issue mass arrests? Seems like things are only going to escalate as they seem to think that somehow their violence had a hand in the election.

But more, what would have happened if they had broken down the door if Tucker’s wife had a shotgun or a rifle, started shooting the second they knocked the door down, you have a legal right to defend your home with lethal force. One has to question, if you are throwing yourself at a door enough to crack it, then why not shoot where they are striking the door, they have already invaded their property?

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This has gone beyond protest to something more, the problem with this is it is only going to escalate to something worse if this continues. As a father, I would gladly face the legal system to protect my family, if someone tried this, I would do what I felt was necessary to protect my family, then deal with the legal consequences after, this is why the laws give the right to use lethal force to protect your home.

We need to start to pressure our representatives, asking them when they are going to move against these radicals and put a stop to this, or are they going to wait until one of their own gets killed? While you have a legal right to protest, you do not have a legal right to trespass on private property, nor do you have a right to try to knock down doors and threaten families.

The question I have is this, “Can you imagine the outrage if someone did something like this to say, Nancy Pelosi, or maybe Maxine Waters, a maybe Bernie Sanders house and did this when he was at the capital working?  What about to Jim Accosta at CNN, or maybe one of the other talking heads in the liberal networks, this would be front page news? The liberal news would run articles on this none stop for the next 48 hours howling for the arrest of the perps and then say this is is the fault of Trump and the whole Republican party, but when their own do this, they say nothing.

What is it going to take to wake this nation up, are we going to have to watch on TV a family of a conservative has been executed by these thugs before someone acts to stop them? And what do we do about the ones funding them, like Soros, do you we seize this funding, so as to stop this?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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