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Turkey Battling Russia And Syria, Should We And NATO get Involved?

Turkey Battling Russia And Syria, Should We And NATO get Involved?

Turkey, with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan leading the nation is on a head-on collision with Russia and Syria, we need to ask ourselves, do we want to get involved with this?

I know some of you are going to say we are obligated to under NATO agreements. Still, this agreement, as written in article 5, only stipulates if a nation is attacked, not if they are the ones initiating the conflict.

Here lies the problem, Erdoğan has dreams of recreating the old Ottoman Empire, setting up another empire with him at the helm. To achieve this, he is now looking at former Ottoman territories and trying to influence their actions in some cases. In others, like Syria, he is sending Troops in, demanding the sovereign of the land, Syria, in this case, give way to his troops and authority.

Syria right now is in the end game of clearing out the last of ISIS in the Idlib province, Turkey which had invaded through their borders to try to move the Kurdish population away from their borders has increasingly come into conflict with Syrian and Russian troops as they are conducting operations in the same area.

This blew up this last month when Turkey lost 55 soldiers in their operations, blamed Russia and Syria for this, they in turn, then sent over drones to spy on what the Syrian troops were doing. In response, Syria shot down the drone that was over their national airspace.

What happened was while clearing out ISIS pockets in their national borders, Syria launched an airstrike, one that ended up killing both ISIS and Turkish soldiers. To stop the overflights, Syria declared that area a no-fly zone. Turkey, in response, then sent in drones to spy on what Syria was doing, they, in turn, shot down three of the drones. Turkey then escalated the conflict by shooting down 2 Syrian Su24 ‘Fencer” Jets.

He went on to claim that Turkey has killed hundreds of Syrian troops and downed in addition to their two jets, two helicopters as well. One has to ask, what is Turkey’s end game here?

Germany and others asked the same question, asked Erdoğan why he had troops in another sovereign country, he responded by threatening NATO. Said if they did not back him up, he would open his borders and flood Europe with refugees. It turns out not only is Erdoğan an aspiring dictator in his nation but as he has done in the past, he resorts to bullying when others disagree with him.

We saw this brutish behavior a couple of years ago when Erdoğan was visiting here; he must have thought he was still in Turkey as he sent his bodyguards over to assault peaceful protesters. What is more shocking about all of this, an assault on our citizens in our capital, we did nothing, our State Department was afraid to confront him on this. There are times I wonder, whose interest does the State Department serve?

I understand the need for strategic alliances, but one needs to ask, why are we allowing this to continue? Russia is power, but if one thinks they are a threat to Europe, one has not looked at the actual force structure of the Russians. While they show high numbers on paper, the real forces that are available, with working equipment, after years of neglect is a small fraction of what is being claimed. So I ask again, why do we need Turkey?

Turkey is demanding we back them in their quest to control part of another country. Why not, Europe has not only supported the Turkish invasion and annexation of Turkish Cyprus, they have rewarded them by investing billions into that area. I guess when Turkey, a nation that is so fond of lecturing Israel about an “occupation,” thinks they are exempt from acting in a manner they demand of others.

I have written in the past that Turkey is not our ally; they are demanding increasingly that the world succumbs to their demands, or they resort to threats, even up to threats of military action. Trump and the State Department did the correct thing in letting Turkey know that if they were going to purchase goods from Russia, they would not be able to buy ours. We need to go a step further and get them out of NATO; they are no longer an ally, instead, more of a weighted chain on the rest of the alliance threatening to draw the rest into an unjust war.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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