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Turkey Fires On Greeks Protecting Their Border

Turkey Fires On Greeks Protecting Their Border

In a move that is becoming all too familiar, Turkey is once more causing problems for the EU because they refuse to support it expanding into Syria and wiping out the Kurds.

I would say that Turkey has a long history of this, dating back to when they were the Ottoman Empire; they did the same with the Armenians, tried to do it with the Jews in the early 1900s. Still, the First World War ended, and they were not able to carry out what they had done to the Armenians, the Jews were spared then, sadly they weren’t just 20 years later with Germany.

Now they are turning on the Kurdish population, for some reason they think they not only have a right to invade a foreign nation but are now angry that NATO and the EU are not supporting them in this endeavor to deal a fatal blow to the Kurdish population there.

Over the last week, Turkey has opened up its borders to Greece, but not only did they open their borders, but they have also bused refugees to the border to aid them in their quest to enter the nation illegally. When Greece tried to seal off their border, Turkey replied by firing on Greek Troops with tear gas after they had tried to use tear gas to stop the influx of immigrants that Turkey brought to their borders.

In any other case, this would be an act of war. I was no fan of what Mexico did in the early time of the Trump presidency, aiding the illegals coming into our nation, but, they did not open fire with tear gas at our border patrol when they went to prevent the illegals entry, if they had, it would have been dealt with very quickly and violently.

Turkey has since Erdoğan has taken power, has resorted to threats against Greece, Germany, has threatened to swamp all of Europe with migrants if they don’t give in to their demands. Tried this with others, like Israel, that did not work out so well, but Europe, for some reason, keeps giving in to their demands.

Maybe it is time to recognize that Turkey is not a partner in peace here, they are acting like dictators, demanding all of the EU and neighbors around them give in to their demands or else. With allies like this, I must ask, “Who needs any enemies?”

This is not new behavior with Turkey, during the days of the USSR, there was an uneasy truce with Turkey, we needed them to hold off the Russian hoard, but they were more a tool of need then an ally in deed.

It turns out under the current leadership; this bullish behavior is the norm, you either acquiescent to their demands, or they will threaten until you do. If you notice, Europe has time after time given in to this, the demands continue to grow, and Europe keeps bowing to them. In a way, this reminds me of Germany in the ’20s, not that I am comparing the government of Turkey to the fascist, rather the reaction to the nation by the Europeans at that time.

As they continued to give in to demands, Germany, like Turkey, today kept pushing. Like Germany, Turkey has grabbed territory, they occupy Crete, they now are doing the same with part of Syria, and Europe, while not accepting this in Syria, are doing nothing to act against this.

Much of this is the fault of Europe, if you look at the Turkish conquest of part of Crete, the removal of the forces, then moving in and occupying the area they were holding Europe condemned at first, now they are building homes and investing in the area that Turkey is occupying.

The irony of this when it is Europe and Turkey that are so quick to condemn Israel, demand they give up what they claim is occupied, not that the land is, to occupy a land implies that sovereignty was taken, the simple fact is that there was never in all of history a sovereign Palestine, so how could you occupy something that never existed as a sovereign entity, but that is a whole different issue.

But as we have seen, what Turkey demands themselves, they are not in any way willing to extend this to anyone else. They are like the schoolyard bully who demands privileges for himself but refuses to allow this same privilege for anyone else, that is unless they are his friends who give in to his constant demands, then he throws them scraps.

Europe needs to stand against this if Turkey is going to send immigrants to overrun Greece, and later Europe, maybe they should send area troops to the Turkish border and close that border up, tell Turkey to either behave and act like a partner or find another partner, then seal off the border if they refuse.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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