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Turkey Threatens – Allow Illegal Drilling Or Will Return ISIS Prisoners.

Turkey Threatens – Allow Illegal Drilling Or Will Return ISIS Prisoners.

In what is becoming commonplace, Turkey, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, issued a warning to Europe. Either pull back sanctions on illegal drilling in the Mediterranean or we will send our ISIS prisoners into the European continent.

If the EU was smart, which they aren’t, they are more interested in self-destruction, self-hate, and appeasing Islamic radicals, it would seal up their borders with Turkey, tell them if they send back any prisoners the prisoners will be locked up for life, or better yet, they will be put to death.

Turkey had made a habit out of this. In 2016 when the EU rejected their appeal to join the EU, they threatened that if they did not vote to allow them in, they would open their borders and let all the illegals into Europe through Turkey.

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The Coup

Erdogan has seized more power since the failed coup of 2016. He has made himself president until 2029, he has the right to control the budget and the military and can dissolve the parliament. He is working to undo everything Attaturk, the father of modern Turkey did to make Turkey into what it is today.

The coup itself is suspect, and many have wondered if the whole thing was orchestrated to allow him to seize more power. He gave a rebel officer the ability to shoot down the president’s plane for the coupe and then did nothing and let him go.

He responded by arresting journalists and military officers who opposed his Islamophocation of Turkey. He forced Islamic studies in public schools stripping away much of the democratic policies put in place since Ataturk pushing Turkey to follow a more religious path.

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Rewrite the Constitution

Then he wanted to rewrite the constitution on more religious grounds, but the resistance towards such a move quickly halted this. He also cleaned the schools of secular teachers by making mass arrests of teachers and school administrators that were resistant towards turning public schools into Islamic indoctrination centers. 

Threatens Other Nations With Force

Turkey then set about threatening their neighbors. First they started with the EU, saying that Turkish migrants who had a right to vote in national elections would use military force if nations like Germany did not comply with his threats.

Then he turned towards Israel, sent a flotilla to Gaza and threatened a military response if Israel dared react. They then had on Turkish television supporters of the terrorist organization Hamas openly state that they would attack any Israeli that threatened to stop them.

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Israel responded predictably and is not a nation that gives into threats. They boarded the ship and sent it to unload their passengers at the harbor. The boarding was met with violent resistance and Israel showed remarkable restraint in that event.

The activists said that the commandos started shooting as soon as they hit the deck. Israeli officials say the commandos opened fire only after being attacked with clubs, knives, and a gun, all of which was taken from them. Video released by the Israeli military stops just before the shooting begins and a UN inquiry was unable to determine at exactly which point the commandos used live fire.

The video shows clearly the people on the flotilla attacking the IDF soldiers as they landed on the ship using bats and knives to attack the soldiers. Israel responded by firing on these terrorist supporters.

This attack was set up by Erdogan to build support for him as he cut off all relations with Israel. Israel did the right thing, they killed the people on the ship who had ties to Global Islamic Jihad and other Islamic terrorist groups.

Attacks Protesting Americans in America

We also had the case of Erdogan setting his bodyguards to attack Turkish Americans who were protesting when he visited America. I am still at a loss why he and his whole party was not kicked out of the US when this happened and I don’t recall of this ever happening before. What is more, in this video, you can see Erdogan sitting there watching his bodyguards attacking the protesters.

Erdogan is a thug, one that has used threats to try to coerce nations into doing what he demands. He has shown that during the Turkish attacks on the Kurds last month he held our nukes on Turkish soil hostage and one has to wonder, are we better off without friends like this? With such friends who needs enemies?

I think it is high time we look at Turkey, the US, EU, and NATO to see how siding with this regime that is sliding towards radical Islamic dictatorship is aiding the West. It is a nation that gives refuge to a terrorist like the Hezbollah leaders. who supported ISIS by purchasing their oil and allow the terrorist to slip through their borders to join ISIS. How is being friends or allies with them beneficial?

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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