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Tyranny in Canada As Jackboot Police Run Over Protestors With Horses, Assault Old Ladies & Vets

Tyranny in Canada As Jackboot Police Run Over Protestors With Horses, Assault Old Ladies & Vets

The first thing that should cause concern, in Canada and America, the police show their names and badge so we know who they are. Still, in attacking the Freedom protestors, the police arrived with their names covered so they couldn’t be seen on their uniforms and with tow trucks that the government had said they would conscript into service under the Emergencies Act invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Some of the trucks had the names of the companies covered over and without plates, and at least one driver had a mask covering his entire face, to obscure who he was. These are not people proud of their actions.

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At least 100 people have been arrested, mostly for “mischief” charges — a charge that seems to be a catch-all for dissenting from the government — and about 24 vehicles towed. But based upon the number of folks who have come out, many people are left, and now, more people are coming out. They may have just made more protesters after this police action.

But Deputy Chief Steve Bell claimed that no protesters were hurt.

That is a lie; looking over what has happened, we quickly see that the police are lying to the people in Canada.

The people are calling this out, and short of shutting down access to the internet, there is nothing Trudeau and his jackboot enforcers can do about this.

We see mass arrests:

Hundreds of police were heavily armed, yet these protestors have attacked. No one caused no damage, so why are the police showing up as if they are going to battle?

Things then escalated to assaults on wounded protestors, kicking and kneeing them when they were already constrained:

Here you have the police striking protestors with the butt of their gun.

Here you have the police using horses, going through crowds, running over protestors:

Trudeau has seen his polling dropping; for some reason, he thought this was the way to raise it. I guess he did not think this out too much, or who knows; he was too busy dressing up with blackface to notice.

The 10-point jump for the Conservatives comes as Bergen advocates for protesters who’ve been encamped in Ottawa for 22 days to protest federal vaccine mandates, and as the Tories oppose the government’s use of the Emergencies Act, which was invoked to give police new powers to remove those same demonstrators.

If he thought his polling was bad before this, pictures of horses running over protestors, police assaulting old vets and women will not help his sagging polling; if anything, it may cause the opposition, who has been peaceful to this point, rethink how they are responding.

One has to give Trudeau the benefit of knowing that if he did not have double standards, he would not have any at all. Here he says that peaceful protests blocking roads is acceptable; attacking the protestors is not.

The most pathetic thing is how the government responded to the horses running over people; they claimed someone had a bicycle and threw it in front of the horse. We all know in the middle of winter, with snow and ice all over the ground, people bring out bikes and go for joy rides (I can’t believe they claimed something this stupid, this is as bad as a three-year-old caught with a cookie, then says his imaginary friend put it in his hand). While I have heard of it, at 59, I have never seen it. I live in Wisconsin; this is not something people do.

We have heard condemnations and outrage over how China has treated their protests; one has to wonder, how is Canada any different?


Canada used to be our northern neighbor, while a little different, you did not notice when you crossed the border, now it has turned into a socialist state where if you don’t fall in line, they bring the jackboot police out.

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