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U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton Pulls Back From Condemning China, Says Trump Is Far Worse

U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton Pulls Back From Condemning China, Says Trump Is Far Worse

U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Salem, who was the only Democrat to sign on with the bill to condemn China for covering up, thus spreading the coronavirus, pulled out after facing immense pressure from within his party, his statement as he left was that Trump was a worse dictator then China has.

It is incredible, so condemning a nation who hid the outbreak, lied about its transmissions, this is unacceptable, the left screams that condemning is racist.

What is worse, to compare Trump to a tyrant who has put millions in death camps, who runs a totalitarian government is stupid at best; at worst, it is an act of a traitor.

Moulton was a lead co-sponsor with U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, R-Indiana, of a resolution that condemns the Chinese government’s “serious mistakes in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.” The resolutions claims things were worsened when China suppressed information about the disease, went after journalists, spread propaganda, and blamed the U.S. military for the pandemic.

Critics say the resolution is mistimed and could create a backlash against Asian Americans during a pandemic in which there have been numerous reports of anti-Asian incidents and violence at a time when President Donald Trump insists on using the phrase “Chinese virus” to describe the novel coronavirus.

“This is not the time for an elected representative to be thinking about China,” said Democratic primary challenger Jamie Zahlaway Belsito, in a statement. “The fight against this virus is right here.”

“President Trump’s failure to act when action was urgently needed has left thousands of American lives at risk,” said Democratic challenger Angus McQuilken, also of Topsfield, in a statement. “This resolution won’t save a single one of those lives or put a single American back to work. It is simply a Republican attempt to distract, divide, and promote xenophobia.”

When reached, Rockport Democratic challenger D. Nathaniel Mulchay pointed to his statement and a letter he sent to members of Congress, which he posted to Twitter.

“The resolution by 40 Republicans, joined by a sole Democrat, Rep. Seth Moulton, is not only racist and (xenophobic), it goes against the very recommendations of the (World Health Organization and the CDC who had determined any such statement would endanger the lives of Americans and anyone in the world who is of Asian descent,” said Mulchay.

This is the same World Health Organization, which, under direction from China, refuses to give any aid to Taiwan, refuses to acknowledge they eve exist. The same World Health organization who said that socialism was what was leading the fight against this, thus propping up China and attacking the U.S. The same organization who said back just two months ago that there was no outbreak, that there should be no quarantine, no travel ban, this is what Mulchay is using as a reference? What’s next, is he going to use Mein Kampf to figure out how to relate to Israel?

Moulton defended his decision to co-sponsor the resolution as the only Democrat so far to sign it as of Wednesday.

Moulton said it’s important to hold accountable authoritarian regimes, “especially because it helps us hold President Trump accountable when he takes a page out of their playbook. If you look at what China has done here, starting this disinformation campaign, kicking out journalists, attacking minorities, these are all things Trump has done himself.”

That includes spreading disinformation about the spread of the coronavirus and attacking reporters who ask tough questions, Moulton said. Trump, he added, is not doing enough to condemn assaults against Chinese Americans who came to the United States “because they believe our values, not the values of the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Now is not the time for our representative to spend valuable time and energy assessing and assigning fault during the evolving coronavirus situation,” Belsito said. “I would prefer to see Mr. Moulton focusing all of his energy on how to help constituents here at home, rather than grandstanding during a critical time of need,” said Belsito, an advocate for better mental health services for women and families and a Salem State University trustee.

“Instead of focusing on the economic recovery bill, or holding the president’s feet to the fire on his tragically slow response to the coronavirus, Seth Moulton is spending his time teaming up with House Republicans to provide cover to this president for his failures of leadership,” said McQuilken, a co-founder of the Massachusetts Coalition to End Gun Violence.

In a move that is now expected from the political left, we hear lectures about political grandstanding, and then they use the outbreak to try to hammer home political attacks.

There is nothing xenophobic about calling this the Chinese virus, it is where it originated from, if people attack Chinese Americans they are equally ignorant, there is no excuse for this unless they traveled to where the outbreak came from and then brought it back here, how are they to blame? Amazing, when we saw the outbreak the last time that came from Mexico, we said it came from there, but no one held the Americans of Hispanic descent responsible for this, and if they did, they are stupid.

What is impressive is how the left, even some on the right are reacting to this. China is not our friend; they are intent on replacing us on a world stage, on doing any and everything to destroy us.

We have seen continued espionage, attacks on the world stage, accusing the U.S. of putting this virus in China, then threats of cutting off all medical aid unless other nations agree to go along with this lie. They have built up their military, continue to do so with one thought in mind, to be able to hold up to a direct challenge by the U.S. and to overtake us militarily. I must ask, is this what a friend would do?

China is not our friend; they are our enemy by every definition. Because we are not at war does not make them any less such a thing. They intend to replace us as a world power, to tear us down by any means, then when they have succeeded with this to destroy us militarily, this is who the left are sucking up to.

In the 1920’s we had cordial relations with both Japan and Germany, Italy as well, yet we knew they were in competition with us on a world stage. Would anyone, back then, have tolerated one party in our government selling our national security out to these three nations for the sake of enriching themselves? We know the U.S. people would have tossed the whole bunch out of office, yet today we not only have one party doing this with China, we have people that support this party actively supporting this.

But they go further, they not only support backing our enemy, but they also come out and openly stated how they despise this nation, many call it evil, call for its destruction, I have to ask, “If you hate it so much, why are you here? If this nation is so bad, your hate for it is so extreme, then get the hell out of this nation, we don’t need idiots like you!”

The Democrat Party is no longer just a party of opposing ideals; they are openly conspiring with the enemy, attacking our citizens while supporting a hostile nation, that is not what a patriot does. 

While I will not say all Democrats are this way, I can say that the party itself is. It is time we do what we must to defeat and destroy this cancer that is eating our nation from within.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. erik

    Really like how that Corona money sent to the Kennedy Center does so much to stop Corona! Unethical Democrats Funny How the politicians that sold stock are not held accountable!


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