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UN and Muslim Nations Trying to Force Change on Jerusalem

UN and Muslim Nations Trying to Force Change on Jerusalem

UN and Muslim Nations Trying to Force Change on Jerusalem

Today looking at the news looks like there is a push by Muslim nations to try to block what Trump has done, recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and see if they can get the UN to block such a move.

First, the UN is a body that can issue condemnations, it can give advice, but the UN is not able to in any impose on any nation that it changes its laws, yet for some odd reason the people there seem to think they can. I have to say, why is it that this organization can’t do a thing about China imprisoning its dissidents, sure can’t issue one condemnation against Muslim nation’s persecution of religious minorities, in fact they now have legislation running threw to make everyone unable to condemn any Islamic activity or claim they are Islamophobic.

Of course, under Obama, they were happy to place the US in a way that was subservient to the UN, in fact, there was more than once the US Senate or Congress had to pull him back by threatening to cut off funding to the UN. Still, over this time the UN started to think they had a legal or moral right to dictate law to the US, that is not what it was ever intended to do.

This brings us to the ultimate Question, should threats of boycott tell the US that we should be allowed to do the right thing? I say not. You have Indonesia yesterday with their Muslim clerics calling for a boycott of US product, a useless move that to be rather frank had me laughing at their stupidity. Indonesia has a 16.5-billion-dollar trade surplus with the US, if they do that, be my guess, we just found a way to correct the trade imbalance, we put in place our boycott. If the US does this, you would be amazed at how quickly they would change their tune.

The Issue At Hand.


As I stated in the article, The Palestinian Claim to Jerusalem, the issue with the Palestinian claim to the city has nothing to do with a historical claim, this issue is easy, since only two people in all of history have ever claimed the city as their capital, the ancient and modern Hebrew nations and the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, there are no historical ties to the city as their capital. Further, when Jordan controlled the area after they had illegally occupied the area in 1948, then after moving hundreds of thousands of Arabs that somehow magically converted to Palestinians in 1967, they annexed the land in 1950. During this occupation the PLO, the forerunner of the Palestinian Authority today, they said in their 1964 Charter this about the old city that they claim now [1]:

Article 24. This Organization does not exercise any sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or the Himmah Area. Its activities will be on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields.

This then begs the question, in 35 years of studying history I have never heard of a people’s historical claim changing not by historical fact but rather by whom controls the land, so if in 1964 they had no claim to the old part of Jerusalem then in 1968 suddenly they claimed to have one, what changed in that time?

How Israel Took Possession of all of Jerusalem.

Turns out between 1964 and 1968 you had the Six-Day War, in that war Israel was under threat from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, Egypt had already technically committed a act of war by putting in place a blockade in the Straights of Tiran, this the Israeli’s had already warned would be a red line they would not allow being crossed.

At this point Israel had reached out to Jordan, promised if they did not enter the war they would not contest their illegal annexation of land in Judea and Samaria or the West Bank as the Jordanians had changed the name of the area to (they already knew that a war at this point was going to happen). In that letter to the Jordanians, the Israeli government also promised that if Jordan did commit any hostilities towards Israel, they would turn their military on them.

When the war happened, Israel’s intelligence had the date the Egyptians and Syrians were going to attack; they struck first while their pilots were in their pre-attack briefing, Israel at this time destroyed most of the Egyptian Air Force. Egypt than in turn with the Syrian government convinced Jordan that the Israeli planes flying back to Israel after the attack were Egyptian planes attacking, so Jordan then started to shell the Israeli controlled area of Jerusalem and moving forces in to try to expel Israeli’s out of all Jerusalem [2].

We all know how that war ended, Israel routed the Syrians, Egyptian and Jordanian militaries, they then started to scream to the Soviets who were at the time providing them with up the minute intelligence, arms as quickly as they lost their own, and even Soviet Troops to aid in guarding strategic area’s while Egyptians troops were fighting. Naturally during this time President Johnson to prevent any claims that they were secretly arming Israel put in place a complete embargo of all US arms to the area.

City under Israeli Control

Now out of this Israel then moved in and once they had expelled the Jordanians, and please note whom they expelled, the Jordanians, they once more took possession of land promised to them in the Mandate of Palestine. But rather than annex the land, as they could have legally done, they left it open so they would have a road to try to negotiate a means of peace with the Arabs. Of note is at no time did the “Palestinians” ever exercise any sovereignty of the land, to be frank, they had not even started with the claim that somehow in 1967 they had converted from Arabs to Palestinians. In the words of Walid Shoebatt, who was a former PLO terrorist and friend of Arafat,

“Why is it that on June 4th, 1967, I went to bed as a Jordanian and woke up as a Palestinian? We considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then, all of a sudden, we were Palestinians.”

It was shortly after this that the Palestinian Authority or the PLO then changed their charter by writing a new one, somehow as if by magic they found out they suddenly re-found their historical connection only to the land that Israel had expelled the occupiers from.

It was after this with the help from their allies the Soviets and Soviet block nations they started to campaign than to change public perception of them from a terrorist organization to a people who were rightful owners of the land that had this right stripped from them.
And this is where we are now. But if you ask, could you please show me historical proof of ownership you get nothing, well something, you will be screamed at, history proves this. If you ask for the actual History you get nothing, just more screaming that the whole world accepts this, of course, they were amazingly accepting of Hitler in the 1930’s, how did that turn out? This usually brings more threats of violence and screaming.

Islamic Claim to Jerusalem

So, what about the Islamic claim to Jerusalem, a claim that Mohammad somehow road a winged pony to Jerusalem, unmounted, walked up the Temple Mount steps to go to the furthest mosque there? Well, one slight problem, it is a huge one, there was no mosque or for that matter any building on the Temple Mount. An earthquake had wiped out most buildings, and the Church of St. Mary’s was very badly damaged on November 528, it was then burned down by the Persians in 614, after this the inhabitants of Jerusalem actually used the site as a garbage dump, so one could ask, since no mosque, or for that matter any building stood on the site. So how exactly could have Mohammad visited any site there?

Furthermore, the Mosque the Muslims there claim he visited, that turns out to have had been built in 692 by Khalif Abd El Malik, this was 60 years after Mohammad died, he passed away on June 8, 632, so how exactly could have he visited the site?

To be frank, this has never had anything to do with the site being holy, if you had asked any Islamic scholar prior to 1880 if Jerusalem were holy they would have scoffed at you, then told you it is only holy to the Jews and Christians, the ones they refer to as “People of the Book”, it was in no way holy to Muslims. So why the change? The Jews were starting to return in mass, suddenly the Muslims in a typical manner found the site had grown in stature with them.

Sorry folks, this is nothing about history, the simple fact is the Arabs have no historical claim to the city as their capital, no Arab has ever had the city as such. It is not about the claim the city is holy, that was a recent claim, what this is about is the move by Muslims to make sure that the city held in holy esteem by both Jews and Christians be put under the control of Islam, to show their superiority to their faiths.

It is time to stop this charade, as is usual when dealing with Muslims, when they don’t get their demands they threaten violence, attack you verbally, make claims that have no bases, we need to tell them enough is enough. They complain that they are not treated with equal respect, well I hate to break it them, when you act like three-year-old children throwing tantrums you don’t deserve to be treated as an equal, you deserve to be treated like a child.

We also find that like with a child, if you give in to these childish tantrums, they soon will demand something else. If we want this to stop, then put an end to it.

This is what we need to do:

Any nation threatening to put in place an embargo put one back. Any nation trying in the UN to try to circumvent US law, tell them that until they stop and correct this, all US Aid, and yes, that includes humanitarian and military aid will cease until they do. If they are receiving funds from us to help with their economy, this too will be cut off.

If they are going to threaten and do this, don’t aid them, show them what a complete cut off all aid from the US will look like. You may not like this, Europe and the UN, but the US is a sovereign nation, we don’t change our laws by what you like, we do it according to what our people wish.

1. Harkabi, Y. The Palestinian Covenant and Its Meaning. London: Vallentine, Mitchell, 1979.
2. Oren, Michael. (2006). “The Six-Day War,” in Bar-On, Mordechai (ed.), Never-Ending Conflict: Israeli Military History. Greenwood Publishing Group. ISBN 0-275-98158-4.(pg. 184-185)



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