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UN Anti American, Anti Israel Block Does It Again

UN Anti American, Anti Israel Block Does It Again

In what is seen as a direct challenge to the US’s support of Israel, the UN’s Group of 77, a group that started with a membership of 77 nations, mostly developing nations led and financed by Arab nations unified in a voting block in the UN. This group, which has now grown to over 135 nations, 69% of all nations in the world, have chosen now to elect the Palestinian representative as leader of their group.

This is seen as a backlash for the US’s support of the Israeli’s, this also came as a reaction to Trumps decision to not only recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but to move our embassy there, a move that is now being followed by other nations. In response, the nations have banded togather to place a Palestinian in charge as their spokesman, representing a group of nations that many times join togather in the vote.

At this point the US needs to ask a question, while the UN did start with some great ideas, other then a very short period at its beginning and through the Korean Wars, it has more become an institution that caters to the whims of dictators and tyrants who have little or no interest in democracy, but they are sure quick to demand that the US keeps supporting the UN while it moves against us.

What this is setting up for is to have the UN move in a much more anti US and Israeli stance, to try to break the US’s support of Israel, where the problem comes in is first the relationship the US has with Israel, and the fact that at the present moment the US finances over 30% of all UN operations. If they wish to push this too far, Trump and the Congress could freeze all UN funding, something that has been threatened many times in the past for trying to do this exact type of thing in the past.

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The amount the US pays to cover UN costs each year is in comparison to other nations huge. The next largest contributor to the UN is Japan, they paid in 2017 10% of the operating budget, the next closest nation after that stood at 6%. Seems like NATO, the US is continued to be put in a position where they are expected, no more demanded to cover a larger percentage, by more then triple of what most other nations are paying, and we are expected to do this in many cases with the UN, unlike the EU, where political goals are different from our own.

A great example of this is Europe, while the US pays over 30% of all operations costs, the EU, which is a larger economy and population then the US pay 30% with all the nations combined, that means that 29 nations pay over 60% of the total UN’s budget, meanwhile the other 166 nations only pay 40% with all their contributions combined, some pay almost nothing or nothing, but are given an equal voice.

While the UN loves to say the US is only paying 22% of their operations cost, and they are true concerning their administrative costs, the US is also paying 28.7% of the peacekeeper corps budget, the next closest nation, China, contributes 10%, this is not included in the cost of what the US contributes. If you look at what other nations contribute, the US, China, and Japan contribute almost 50%. When you look at what the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Canada, and Spain pay, combined they pay 32%, the rest of the 185 nations pay only 20%, where is the equality in the division like this?



What has happened over the years is the US has had what they contribute broken into smaller and smaller pies, this prevents them from all being reported togather, for if you did, you would find that when Trump came to office, Obama had us paying about 36% of the total budget, Trump has lowered our contributions for now to between 28% and 31%, but I must ask, why are we paying that much? If you take away the US, Japan, and China, you are looking at 192 nations paying less then 50% of the total budget, yet they demand to form blocks, to have pay to implement their ideas, most times ideas that are contrary to what we hold ourselves. So the question has to be asked, why are we paying for them?

More so, when they band togather to disrespect us by choosing to elect an officer to represent them, the majority group in the UN that makes up 70+% of the total voting members from an organization of terrorist, no one can argue that there is a nation called Palestine, there has never been such an entity, even the claim of Palestinians is suspect at best.

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It is time for Halley and Trump to notify the UN that our money does not come without strings, no money for that matter does, and as Haley did state in the UN a while ago, our aid will be withheld from nations that decide to vote in the un against us. I do know that Pakistan, the Palestinian authority soon found the reality of this. When Pakistan chose to act against the US and vote to condemn and try to undo the US’s move of our embassy in Israel, and their double stance while fighting terrorist they are against, then funding terrorist they support, most who are anti-American, this month the US moved to freeze 255 million in aid to them, and will continue to do so until they stop this double-dealing.

But this is not enough, the US needs to stop just applying this to nations, we need to start applying this to the UN as well. We need to tell the UN if any agency we finance chooses to act in a way that is contrary to what our ideals are, then we will cut off 100% of funding to those programs, maybe even look at future funding if they come into compliance. We need to also let them know if you at against us in the general assembly we will start to drastically reduce, all the way to cutting off funding for administration costs.

We also need to start demanding, if we are going to finance a larger percentage then other nations with UN peacekeeping forces, then they should be forced to purchase US equipment equal to that percentage, we do this with other nations, look to Israel and Egypt.

The UN can either figure out how to be more equal in its dealing, stop this one-sided affair of moving the majority of their work against two nations, US and Israel, or we can start to freeze up all funding, without the funding the UN will quickly either find itself running out of funds, or will have to start cutting back on programs. If they continue, we can pressure other nations to cut funding until either they comply or go the way of the League of Nations, a good idea, ineffective application of that idea, now it’s in the dustbin of history.

It is time for the Trump doctrine to be known, our aid in money, support and the backing of the US might come’s at a price, either you accept the price or you get nothing.





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