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UN Asking For Donations For Blood Money

UN Asking For Donations For Blood Money

To show what a corrupt cesspool this waste of a organization, the UN, has become, they are now out asking the world to aid in making up the shortfall for the Palestinian Authorities $350 million shortfall.

The problem with this is the Palestinian Authority, or Fatah pays out over $355 million a year to their martyr’s fund, a fund that is set up to pay terrorist or their families for the murder and terrorist attacks against Jews. But this is not a problem for the UN, rather than tell them to stop this practice, the highest payout of the Palestinian Authorities budget, they instead are asking nations to pay in to aid in this, because of these payments they are facing a shortfall.

I went over the problem with this when the “Palestinians” were saying the UN is not going to have the money to supply them with food, and I write this term this way because of the fictional account surrounding the historical claim, there is one slight problem, there is no documented history of a Palestinian prior to 1900, unless you are speaking of Jews, they were referred to as such by the Europeans if they came from what today is Israel. I don’t wish to get off subject if you want to know more, please read Palestinians: What is Fact, What is Fiction, this explains all of this.

The complaint was that the Palestinian Authority needed funds to purchase foods, but they are paying out more than enough to make up for their shortfall and buying food if they would stop paying out their martyr’s fund.

Obama had complained that our aid money was being used to pay these funds, Trump told the Palestinian Arabs if they continued this practice then we would cut off funds, the reply from Abbas was the US had no right to tell them how to run their internal affairs, and he was right, but the US had every right to cut off funds if they were going to spend our money in a way we didn’t approve of, Trump did precisely that.

Today the UN is not even trying to hide their bias against Israel; they set up groups to do nothing but condemn Israel, they are now calling for money to aid in financing the murder of Jews, what more are we going to have to see by them before we cut off 100% of funding?

UN appeals to world for $350m for Palestinian “humanitarian needs” despite PA giving $355m per year for terrorist salaries

The UN is run by a core of Arabs and nations that are hostile to Israel, we as their ally need to offset this balance, and thankfully we have, but how long is that going to last? We now see a growing hostility by the left towards Israel; the American liberal Jews are hostile to the Nation as well when America goes, they really will have no other allies to aid in protecting them from the anti-Semitism of the world.

But one has to ask, if the UN is working almost completely against US interests, why are we spending billions funding them? If nations wish to use this forum to further their agenda, shouldn’t they be the ones funding? It is time to cut off funds, if the Arabs don’t like it, let them finance the UN.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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