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Unhinged Liberal Angry Trump Supporters Were Allowed to Vote Because They’ll Be Dead Soon

Unhinged Liberal Angry Trump Supporters Were Allowed to Vote Because They’ll Be Dead Soon

Leftists are interesting people. They lose control of their emotions when they lose or think they’re losing. When they win, or in the case of Joe Biden when the media says they won, they still can’t even. People simply having a different opinion than them makes them feel a certain way, and the only way to deal is to TikTok about it.

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Like this classy specimen, who think Trump supporters shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in the first place since most of them will be dead soon.

Have you ever noticed that most of these rants come either while they’re driving or fresh out of the shower? Showers are supposed to be relaxing. Maybe next time light a few candles. Or drink a shower beer. No one should be this angry and at their wits’ end after a shower. Unless a stunning lack of control over your emotions is your default position.

“Trump supporters live in states I don’t want to go.” Okay, and? Don’t go to those states. I’m sure Wyoming and one or more of the Dakotas will do just fine without your tourism dollars. Though if you’re a Disney person, don’t expect to go to Disneyland any time soon, since its state’s governor is a tyrant. Disney World is open because of its red state governor, and I’m sure they’ll really miss you because your Dole Whip isn’t whippy enough.

Trump supporters think that this election is being stolen from them, and yet they are happier with their lives than this person. Not being miserable in the first place will do that.

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