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University student denied internship solely because she’s white. Where Does This End?

University student denied internship solely because she’s white. Where Does This End?

‘It’s not like I was underqualified or anything, I met everything else’

A female student at the University of Dallas has recently come forward with her story after being rejected from a summer internship opportunity due to being white.

“It’s not like I was underqualified or anything, I met everything else,” said the student, who asked to remain anonymous so that her future career in the finance field is not jeopardized.

“I had the right major, I had the right GPA, I was the right year in college,” she said, “but I was white so they wouldn’t help me.”


The internship in question was offered by Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a professional development organization with ties to major financial corporations such as CitiBank, IBM and Goldman Sachs. It was advertised as the “SEO Career 2021 Paid Summer Internship” and the description was for a financial position.

In its emailed rejection statement to the student, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix, SEO outlined the reason for its rejection.

“Thank you for your interest in SEO Career! Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the program. SEO Career targets Black, Hispanic, and Native American undergraduates, who are underrepresented in the careers they seek,” reads the rejection statement the student received.

The letter then goes on to suggest other ways to develop her career instead of interning for the company, such as making a LinkedIn account and attending career fairs.

“It’s just frustrating that my skin color can stand in the way of my future career when I’ve worked so hard for my grades and do well in my classes,” the student told The College Fix in a telephone interview last week.

“I do all of these things to try and help my resume look better to future employers and I end up being rejected for the color of my skin. It just feels like we’re going backwards,” she said.

SEO’s internship application provided a list of qualifications, all of which the student met prior to her rejection, exceeding the minimum 3.0 GPA with a 3.5, matching the required major of economics, and surpassing the required class placement of sophomore by a semester.

The College Fix reached out to SEO for an interview. The company replied with the following statement:

SEO does not comment on any individual application decisions. Our mission is to create a more equitable society, where people from all racial backgrounds are represented at every level of American society. While we do not host internships or use race in our hiring decisions, we provide supplemental education and training to support the advancement of underserved and underrepresented individuals, with a special focus on those who will benefit most from SEO’s services and intervention.

We are steadfastly committed to closing the education and economic opportunity gaps and are proud to have served 8,000 young people from a vast array of backgrounds, maintaining a college graduation rate of 90% and standing as a leader in career coaching and preparation for diverse talent.

Despite rejecting an applicant for being white, SEO’s website states it is building one of the most diverse organizations in its industry.

“SEO is committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds to join us in our work,” reads SEO’s about us page.

The student said she believes she is an excellent match for the position in every category except her skin color.

Rejecting applicants based on whiteness is nothing new in the competitive world of higher education, however.

According to the Texas Tribune, the University of Texas faces a new lawsuit for allegedly skewing its admissions selection process against non-BIPOC applicants, bringing about a lawsuit from the academic integrity organization Students for Fair Admissions in late July of this year.

Another internship provided by Johns Hopkins University lists enrollment in a Historically Black College or University as a “preferred qualification.”

From the College Fix by Jackson Walker

Note from the editor:

I asked a liberal the other day concerning “white privilege,” “Where does this go?”

He was confused, so I went over some history.

In the early 1900s, Margaret Sanger started the ideology of Eugenics, the ridding of the world of “undesirables” through abortion and sterilization. This was considered humane; they were not advocating slaughtering the population of blacks, Hispanics, and other “lower races,” just preventing them from procreating, soon their population dies off.


In the 1920s, Germany saw the rise of Fascism, Hitler openly spoke of Eugenics, but he wanted to take things further; the logical conclusion was to hurry this process along. Rather than sterilize, which the fascist did do, they took their “undesirables” (Jews, Gypsies, and Slavic), threw them into camps, camps that were factories designed to exterminate in mass, then rid the world of the evidence.

We now face the same rumblings again; people say that “White Privilege” is terrible, others are openly saying that whites should be wiped out, sadly some whites are saying this themselves. I have had run-ins with them, more when they bring this nonsense to me, I tell them, “You first!” For some odd reason, this seems to upset them.

Our nation and the world are sliding towards the abyss; if we don’t stop this, there is only one way this can end, I for one will not allow this again to happen to my people again and do nothing.

There is a saying, “Those that erase history are doomed to repeat it,” we are now doing this, wiping out the pain from the past, ignoring the lessons that need to be learned. What we are really doing is dooming this generation to repeat the horror’s that our parents and grandparents witnessed.

This is not about justice; it is about vengeance. What is worse, people are willingly and blindly calling vengeance justice, it isn’t, and nothing ever good comes from vengeance.

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