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University’s Required Training Labels Straight White Males ‘Oppressors’ — in the Name of Being ‘Inclusive’

University’s Required Training Labels Straight White Males ‘Oppressors’ — in the Name of Being ‘Inclusive’

At James Madison University, they’re trying to make sure everyone’s included.

Hence, the Virginia college recently offered attendees working in the Office of Student Affairs an “opportunity.”

According to Fox News, that’s the specific term a school spokesperson used.

Those in charge of orientation for first-year JMU enrollees were provided free training — which was, to be clear, mandatory.

The outlet reports that a training video — since removed from YouTube — taught workers about “oppressors” and “targets.”

An oppressor group, Fox notes, is “one that has the power to define reality for themselves and others.”

As for target groups, they — allegedly in the words of the video — “take in and internalize the negative messages about them and end up cooperating with the oppressors (thinking and acting like them).”

“Privilege” was also defined:

Unearned social power accorded by the formal and informal institutions of society to ALL members of a dominant group at the expense of targeted groups

If I understand correctly, there are victims and assailants — at the core of society’s existence is an ongoing crime being committed by one contingent against the other.

Why would any institution separate people into two pitted groups?

That’s a question for JMU — and, perhaps, many other organizations.


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Back to James Madison, the video purportedly revealed that oppressor and target groups are both “socialized to play their roles as normal and correct.”

It named those who comprise each faction.

Forming, in part, the target group:

  • Black
  • Asian
  • Latinx
  • Non-Western European
  • Muslim
  • Working class
  • Overweight
  • Jewish
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disabled

Also abused: Homoromantic, which — per Healthline — is someone “romantically attracted to people who are the same or a similar gender as them.”

More deeply:

Although it’s similar to the word “homosexual” — which can be offensive, FYI, so we’ll be using “gay” here on out — the term “homoromantic” speaks specifically to romantic attraction. This is called “romantic orientation.” … While homoromantic refers to romantic attraction, gay refers to sexual attraction. But many people who are gay are also homoromantic.

As for “privilege” oppressors, the school listed them thusly:

  • Male
  • Cisgender
  • Christian
  • Heterosexual
  • Western European
  • Upper-to-middle class
  • Thin/Athletic build
  • Able-bodied
  • Age 30s to 50s
  • White


  • Heteroromantic

Via a statement to Fox — as previously indicated — the training was all for the sake of inclusion:

“The training was held to help ensure that every student guide for freshmen orientation had the tools and understanding to work with incoming students, who might have a different background than their own. At JMU, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming community for all students.”

So there ya go.

Stay inclusive, everyone.

And if you’re a 40-year-old heterosexual heteromantic Christian with pale skin…maybe just stay home.

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